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Abyssinian Cats - Active, Intelligent And Beautiful

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There are many conflicts about where the Abyssinian originated from and what it is crossed with. The Abyssinian is believed to possibly have come from Ethiopia back in the 1800’s, but others believe it came from the coast of the Indian Ocean/ South East Asia. The British believe the Abyssinian originated from crossing a British “Bunny” ticked cat and various silver and brown tabbies.

Abyssinians are said to be a good cat to have around children. They love to play so the more your child plays with them the happier they will be. They do well with other household pets, and will play fairly well with them.

You will want to brush your Abyssinian weekly. If you start brushing your cat while they are young, they will learn to like it quickly. You should bathe your Abyssinian cat at least once a year, again if you start this when they are at a young age they will learn to tolerate a bath. You should clip their claws every few months or when you notice they become too long.

Abyssinian cats are usually pretty healthy cats. It is important to take your cat to the vet every year and have its annual vaccinations. They are prone to gingivitis, renal amyloidosis (a common, genetically inherited disorder) and sometimes P K Deficiency (an inherited disease due to recessive gene mutation). They do require a lot of exercise because they are highly active cats, and they love to play with cat toys.

Abyssinian Cats are ideal for an apartment, because they do not require a huge area to run and play in. They should be kept as strictly indoor cats. They are medium in size and weigh about 8 to 10 pounds. They usually live between 12 to 15 years. Their colors are usually warm glowing red ticked with brown, blue ticked with slate blue, fawn ticked with a coca brown, or ruby brown (ticked with black or brown).

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