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Cat Training Supplies You Need for Your New Kitty

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by: jewel17
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Date: Sun, 30 Nov 2008 Time: 12:00 AM

Are you bringing a new cat into your home? You will need to make sure that you have the appropriate cat training supplies available at the outset so that your kitty gets started off on the right foot. Find out what cat training supplies you will need.

Litter Box
A litter box is highly important. Make sure to select one that your pet can easily maneuver in. Typically, cats favor large, open litter boxes even though owners may like the covered ones better for aesthetic reasons. Be sure that the box is reasonably deep so litter doesn't fly out when the cat scratches. If you think that you may want an automatic litter box at some point, it would be best to introduce this type of box right away so that the cat can get used to it from the beginning.

Scratching Post
Since scratching is an instinctive cat behavior, you will need a scratching post unless the cat is declawed or wears nail caps. Many variants exist, so you might have to try out several types before finding one that your cat likes. The post will need to be sturdy because if the cat knocks it over, he may be too afraid to use it again. Make certain to place the post in an accessible spot so that it will be used.

Cat Bed
Unless you enjoy sleeping with felines or don't mind them on your furniture, you will require a cat bed. Felines love warmth and softness, so find a bed that will be comfy for your pet. Remember that cats like to curl up when they sleep, and do not purchase a bed that is too large.

Cat Toys
Since felines love to play, you will need to provide some toys or household objects that are reserved especially for your cat. Yarn, balls, and spools are a few examples of items that you may already have around your home that can provide hours of kitty fun. Many commercial cat toys are available. Cats seem to especially appreciate feathers or other items that dangle from a stick and toys that can be chased..

Cat Deterrents
Since your kitty will in all probability go places that you do not want, consider a cat deterrent. This could be as simple as a sprayer full of water that you spray the animal with when you see it climbing your curtain or putting a piece of foil on the couch. Commercial deterrents use sound, odor or other methods to discourage the cat.

Enzyme Cleaner
In case kitty has an accident outside of the litter box, you will need to have enzyme cleaner available to clean up the mess as soon as it occurs. Otherwise, your pet will smell the urine odor and continue to urinate in the area. You definitely do not want this to become a habit.

Before you bring your new feline home, be sure that you have all of these cat training supplies. Then, you can begin teaching your kitty acceptable behavior right away.

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