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Choosing Cremation As Your Pet’s Memorial

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Date: Fri, 3 Nov 2006 Time: 12:00 AM

Considering Pet Cremation
When your pet passes, the preferred final care choices are burial of your pet in a pet cemetery, or cremation.  Although pet cemetery burial is a good option, it may be too costly or unavailable in some areas.   Many pet owners today are choosing cremation since it enables you to keep your companion near you in your home, while at the same time enabling you to bury or scatter a portion of your pet’s ashes in your yard or a favorite place your pet enjoyed.  Cremation also permits you to take your pet’s ashes with you when you relocate.

A Simple Overview
Typically your Veterinarian will assist with arranging the necessary steps in scheduling cremation.  The process of cremation takes place at a crematorium in a cremation chamber where extreme heat and evaporation reduce the body to a state of cremated remains, or cremains. Though we commonly refer to cremains as ashes, they are actually bone fragments in a sand-like state.

Your pet’s ashes are usually returned to you or your Veterinarian in a cardboard, plastic or tin box, sealed in a plastic bag.   The entire bag of cremains can then be transferred to a more permanent urn.  For Pet Owners who find transferring the ashes too difficult a task, your Veterinarian, family member or a trusted friend can assist you with the transfer of ashes.

Four Pet Cremation Options

When considering pet cremation, it’s important for you know there are actually four methods commonly used for the cremation process.  Prior to making your decision, you may wish to review the details of the various methods with your Veterinarian who will help you choose an option you feel comfortable with.  

Private Cremation ensures that your pet alone is placed in the cremation chamber,and on completion of the process your pet’s remains are returned to you in an urn. 

Viewing Cremation, a variation of private cremation, involves the Pet Owner and family or friends who are permitted to observe the cremation process through a viewing window. This procedure is not available at all crematories.

Individual Cremation is conducted with your pet sharing space in the cremation chamber with other pets. However all pets are separated so that you will be able to receive your pet’s cremains.

Communal Cremation (or Mass Cremation) requires your pet to be cremated along with other pets. The cremains are not separated and no urn is returned to the Pet Owner, since the   remains are commonly disposed of commercially. 

Be sure to confirm the type of cremation you desire for your pet with your Veterinarian or crematorium.  

Selecting a Special Resting Place
Most Pet Owners want to do something special to memorialize their beloved companion and are pleased to find well-designed memorial urns which serve as a lasting tribute.  One popular style of urn is fashioned as a wooden box which displays a personalized nameplate, a lifelike figurine of the breed of your pet, or a photo of your pet.  In larger sizes, this type of urn can hold additional remembrances such as your pet’s tag, collar or favorite toy. 

To determine the size of urn needed, simply equate your pet’s healthy weight in pounds with the urn’s capacity measured in cubic inches.  For example, an urn for a 50 pound pet would have an interior area of 50 cubic inches.

Valuable Resources

Since Veterinarians traditionally have a relationship with a reputable crematory, it is wise to consult your Veterinarian for assistance with cremation in your area.  For the selection of an appropriate memorial urn, you can find comprehensive details and supportive information direct from pet urn designers /manufacturers on the Web.


Seeking help with your pet’s final arrangements will help de-stress your decision making.  And simply knowing what questions to ask can smooth the path to respectfully honoring the memory of your cherished family member.

Source:  Angel Ashes is dedicated to bringing peace and comfort to those of us who have lost or are about to lose a beloved pet.


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Founded by pet lovers, Angel Ashes was born from the desire to commemorate the life of a very special Maltese named Abbey Dog. Angel Ashes is a manufacturer of quality, customized pet urns designed to celebrate the life of pet companions. Angel Ashes is committed to sharing information about ways to heal grief associated with pet loss.

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