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10 Tips for Effective Pet Crate Training

by: doglover
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Are you having difficulties introducing to your pet to his new crate? Worry no more, here are some useful tips for effective pet crate training.

1. Put some treats inside the cage. While exploring his new crate, your dog will discover edible items inside, thus reinforcing his positive associations with the crate. If you want, you can feed your pet inside the crate for the same effect.

2. Do not push, pull or force your pet, instead praise him when he enters. Continue placing some treats into the crate until your dog will go inside calmly all the way into the crate to get the treat. If he is still hesitant, put his favorite toy inside the cage.

3. Put the crate in an area of your home where the family spends a lot of time, such as the living room. Place a soft blanket or pet bed if possible in the crate so he will feel comfortable.

4. At first, keep the cage open so your pet has the access whenever he wants to enter and leave. In this case, your pet will not feel awkward but feel confident of having a place to rest.

5. In the evening, you may need to leave your pet in his crate and close the door upon retiring. But it is still recommended to place the crate next your bed so he will not feel alone.

6. While you are home with you dog, it is desirable first to crate your pet for short periods of time. Indeed, crate training is best completed while you are in the room with your pet.

7. After your dog can spend about half hour in the crate without becoming afraid, you can start leaving him crated for short periods when you leave the house. Put him in the crate with a treat or safe toys.

8. Place a soft pet bed on the bottom of the crate. You can buy a bed designed to fit into the crate or you may choose to use an old blanket or towel. This makes your crate a comfortable home for your beloved pet.

9. First thing in the morning, bring your dog out of the crate to his potty area and at regular intervals throughout the day. Keep in mind that your puppy will probably require to relieve himself every few hours and also after eating, drinking or playing. After he is eliminated in the appropriate location, he can have some playtime under your supervision.

10. Puppies should not be left crated for longer than they can hold their bowels or bladders. Your pet can be left confined not for longer than five or six hours. If you need to be away for longer than this and no one is available to supervise him, you may want to consider a foldable crate.

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The author is a web copywriter connected to a company that provides top-notch and versatile dog crates , dog houses and other dog containment products for indoor and outdoor use at affordable rates.

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