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51: Choosing a right dog – Tips and Things to Consider
As we see healthy and lovely dogs around, it really seemed so exciting and so much fun getting in-love to have one. It was really nice feelings to have a loyal companion and friend that’s always there to cheer you up, it is always better to be well-prepared and make best decisions to ensure a good quality of life...

52: Homemade Dog Food, Your Hunting Dog Will Love You
If you're looking to give your hunting dog a real treat, try homemade dog food. Spend some time in the kitchen for your faithful pet or hard working field partner.

53: Dog Otitis Externa - Care of Ear Infection & Prevention
Otitis externa is predominantly a microbial infection, occurs rather suddenly, rapidly worsens. Ear disease is one of the most common conditions we see in pets. It is estimated that up to 20% of the dog population is affected by this disease...

54: Dog Raw Food Diet
Giving natural raw food diet is still one of the best treats for your pets. Fresh natural raw foods are viewed by many as safer than processed food due to less exposure to processed food contamination. Dog raw food diets are very simple...

55: Overweight Hunting Dogs
Despite their athletic nature, hunting dogs can be overweight dogs and can fall into a sedentary nature if not provided with enough exercise. Without an exercise program, these otherwise fit, energetic breeds can become lazy and inactive.

56: Choosing The Right Dog For You
Owning a dog needs dedication, time and effort. As you all know, dogs are domesticated animals that need to be nurtured and loved. So before you consider owning one, it is very important that you assess and think about what type of dog you really want.

57: How to Build a Wood Dog House
Most dogs adapt well to outdoor living as long as they have access to shelter. They also need to have a good place to escape from the weather, and unless you're willing to let him in the house.

58: The Importance of Pet Strollers
Does your pet need a stroller? Yes, indeed. Pet strollers are more than just a recreational carrier but a helpful way of transporting your handicapped or small pets like puppies and kittens.

59: Benefits of Elevated Feeders
Looking for some pet tools to effectively give your dog a healthy and disease-free lifestyle? Start your task as a responsible dog owner by nourishing your dog in a proper and unique elevated feeder!

60: Teaching your puppy not to bite
Teaching your new puppy not to bite or chew is a worthwhile task which will help to integrate him into your family. Rights and wrongs are the basic lessons he must learn - and it's up to you to teach him.

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