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Best Indoor Pet Containment Systems

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by: wishbone
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Date: Thu, 4 Mar 2010 Time: 9:39 PM

Original postedn and full article at PetStreetMall. There are areas in the house that pets are not allowed, very harmful to roam or just limiting for them to prevent destroying things. The solution is to pick the best indoor dog containment system that would protect your pet, your belongings or just simply save your time from supervising your pets most of the time. This devices, protective gears, barriers and pet repellent are well tested, safe and very effective to limit pets inside your house.

Indoor pet containment devices are invisible barriers inside your house, they are cordless and needs no expert training to use. Following the simple instruction and manual will easily help you set up within areas or doorways you want to prevent dogs from entering.

Innotek Indoor Zone System. The Innotek Indoor Zone is is used to keep pets out of certain areas in your house. Put an Innotek Zone near anything you want your dog to avoid, the trash, kitchen counter, dining room table or protect your fine furniture. Simply select the area, set the Zone's protection coverage area between 1' and 10' feet in diameter, fit Innotek's exclusive comfort collar to your dog and enjoy your pet free zone! The system compose of a round, disc like transmitter runs on (3) AA batteries and has a running life of about 6 months and a dog collar your dog wear. The disc is transmitter that can be placed anywhere, it will broadcast a celebrity FM radio frequency in the range you set it to while the collar is the receiver that will receive the signal if the dog goes on the range or restricted area you set.

Petsafe Indoor Containment System. The PetSafe Indoor Radio Fence transmitter is safe, easy and effective to keep pets from off-limit areas, ust place the small, disk-shaped transmitter (about the size of a Frisbee) near the area you want to protect, such as a doorway into a room or a section of the house. Then adjust the range of the PetSafe PIRF-100 indoor transmitter from as little as 2 feet to up to 10 feet. Your pet then wears the same receiver that is used with the underground Radio Fence containment systems. The system has 4 adjustable levels of correction plus beep-only mode, progressive correction, antilinger feature and low battery indicator.

Multivet Virtual Barrier. his product combines electronics to our citronella spray. It requires no training and you will be amazed at this system immediate results. The emitter dish is plugged into a regular household 120 VAC power outlet. It generates a low frequency radio signal that is transmitted in all directions. As your pet approaches the emitter dish, the spray receiver collar will pick up the low frequency signal. The collar will at first emit a warning beeping sound to let your animal know it has reached the limit. Should he continue on, he will then receive a brisk spray of citronella. Multivet's Spray Barrier must be used in conjunction with our spray receiver collars and citronella refills. There is no installation involved and requires very little training. It can protect a radius from 2 ft. to 10 ft. and can be adjusted by using the button on the transmitter. This product can be used with multiple spray collars without having to buy a new transmitter.

Pawz Away Spray Deterrent. PetSafe Pawz Away Spray Deterrent is a safe, humane stimulus to deter pets from jumping on countertops, digging in trash or entering restricted areas. Once it detected a motion ranging from 18inches up to 3 feet away depending on user's setting, it will spray deterrent releases a startling tone and/or spray when your pet gets too close. The odorless, safe and effective spray can spray up to 100 sprays and is refillable.

Multivet Ssscat. Designed for cats, it will detect the cat's motion and it will release a sound, then a spray. Once this is repeated a few times, the sound will be enough to keep the cat away from unwanted areas. SSSCAT has two elements: a motion detector and an aerosol can.The device is an effective positive method to controlling your cat's territory and behavioral problems. The system can detect motion up to one meter and will spray a scentless and stainless - leaves no residue, while the adjustable nozzle position 100% safe for pets, humans and environment.

Scat Mat. If your dog has a habit of rolling, scratching and sheds on your rug or you want to discourage to take naps on particular surface, this system is the solution. The Scat Mat is a system that emits a mild static stimulation when pet touches the Scat Mat, quickly training them where not to go and protecting your furniture, counters or rooms you don't want pets. This device is the most valuable aid in training your pets to avoid areas you wish to protect.

PetSafe Stay! Mat. Contrast to Scat Mat, Stay Mat is an effective, safe and comfortable environment that allows you to interact with your pet without cage wires or plastic walls. The Stay! Mat is portable and enables you to spend time with your pet in places that are customarily off-limits with traditional crates. The Stay! Mat functions by detecting your dog's weight on the mat. If your dog leaves the mat while the unit is turned on, the mat will send a radio signal up to 6 feet in all directions. The receiver collar will receive the radio signal and produce a beep or beep and mild static correction until your dog returns to the mat.

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