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Can You Take Your Dog Shopping?

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by: cpplus
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Date: Tue, 17 Mar 2009 Time: 7:07 PM

The pavement was bustling with window shoppers Holiday decorations competed with gifts in the gleaming glass windows. Children and adults alike were peering excitedly and enthusiastically at the eye catching and colorful displays. Although the crowds were jostling, everyone moved aside just a little to let the elegantly groomed Madeline pass by. Sitting herself down outside mum. "How obedient" was the general refrain as the shoppers paused briefly. "How wonderful to be able to take the dog anywhere". "I wish my hubby was as patient as that around the shops" said one woman wistfully.

Regardless of your weekend pursuits, all dog owners aspire to own a pooch that can literally go anywhere and be a part of the family. The secret to owning such a dog?

Effective puppy training. Training your dog is a combination of time, consistency, patience, and appropriate body language. The investment that you put in will be more than paid back when you have a dog that is well behave and can be trusted in any situation.

Training a dog is a learning curve for both your pooch and yourself. While your puppy may not be a mind reader she will definitely be able to clearly read your body language and pick up on your voice tones. Without realizing it, we can often give mixed signals for our dogs. To ensure that Maddie fits in well with your family, environment, and home, you need to be able to provide succinct and consistent messages.

Some puppies out do themselves at puppy school and then come home and misbehave. Dog owners are left shaking their head at this mystery. This can be caused by one of the following:

* Maddie needs more frequent training sessions than once a week.
* Maddie has figured out that the instructor is a leader, sadly however, you are not displaying the same dominance.
* Your puppy is not so distracted at puppy school.
* Maddie has found more exciting activities than obeying you.

One aspect of dog training that we sometimes underestimate is that everyone in the family is part of the behavior lessons. You and the dog both need to learn how to communicate with and understand each other.

For those dog owners who are wanting a more convenient type of lesson there are now online dog training and behavior courses available to train your dog at home. Not only do you get to practice in your own home at your own leisure, but you can always check whether you are doing it all correctly.

One of the major advantages of this sort of training is the fact that you are able to copy the trainer's body language signals and speech patterns. This can be an important part of dog training, and being able to communicate with your dog effectively will move the obedience along.

The other great advantage of dog training at home in these busy times is that the whole family can participate in the lessons at your convenience. This will ensure that all family members have a greater understanding of what is and isn't appropriate behaviour for themselves and the puppy.

Truly effective puppy training involves time and communication between the humans and the dog. Obedient dogs can participate in many more activities and outings, making for a loyal and loving best friend. Dog training is really one of those areas where the more time you invest, the better the end result.

About the Author

Catherine  is a dog enthusiast and a dog owner. When at 4 month her German Sheperd Timba was able to sit, lay down and give 5, she thought she was done. Well Timba kept her on her toes and today they are inseperable companion.

Sharing her thoughts, experience and tribulation in her new website, find out how you to can train your dog at home and get some dog training tips to create a lasting bond between the two of you.

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