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Characteristics Of Rottweilers

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Date: Sun, 9 Jul 2006 Time: 12:00 AM

The rottweiler breed has a long history and quite a reputation. Before buying your own pet it is a good idea as always when buying a dog, to become somewhat familiar with some of the characteristics of rottweilers.

As the rottweiler is quite a physical dog, with great strength, it is even more important that you know what you are getting yourself in to. It is key to start training of your dog as early as possible. Rottweilers need to be properly socialized so they get used to being around people. This will help greatly in later years if your dog has learned this early on.

If properly socialized and well trained the rottweiler will provide you loving friendship and good loads of exercise. They are very intelligent animals and therefore need stimuli. If you do not give them intellectual challenges to keep them, lets say, entertained, they will find ways of their own to entertain their mind which may not always be in line with what you wish to have happen in your home.

When training your rottweiler you need to be strong and firm as this breed can be strong willed at times. So let them know who is in charge, this will make both you and your dog feel more safe and calm. Even though a properly handled rottweiler is usually calm that can also be very playful, thriving on the attention from their owner and need people around to be happy.

This breed does not usually bark much. Rottweilers are known as quite dogs, though females can sometimes get loud when they feel they need to protect their home. The fact that they are rather quiet and in the event of feeling threatened tend to very still before attacking with no warning growl, has added to the reputation that rottweilers are unreliable. Though an observant owner should be able to easily spot when his or her dog feels threatened in some way.

Again it needs to be pointed out that the rottweiler needs to learn from its master who is in charge. This may at times take being very firm when training them. Once they learn you are in charge if you do your job well, they will obidiently do everything they can to please their owner.

If you have other animals around it is normally not a problem with a rottweiler as long as it grows up together with these animals around. Then they will only see these other creatures as part of the home.

There of course more to be said about rottweilers, but hopefully this has given you some basics of this great breed.

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