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Cheaper Dog Beds Guide

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by: wishbone
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Date: Tue, 23 Mar 2010 Time: 2:24 AM

Dog bed is considered a territory that give dogs security and comfort. Considering the dog's need like how he sleep, his size, age, behavior or physical condition, this essential piece of equipment is the solution. There are dogs beds engineered to soothing warm comfort on cool and snowy days, a cooling bed on warm days, a healing one to relieve aching muscles, joints or bones, a useful one that captures the shredding hairs and many more surprisingly helpful features. With hundreds and thousands of design and features of dogs beds, how would you know you got the perfect one and the economical one. This article list the best dogs beds, their features and prices would help you choose the perfect dog bed that fits to your budget.

Heated Dog Beds. Price starting at $42, Heated Dog Beds to keep dogs warm and cozy during cold months. This bed is great for senior dogs who need a heated pet bed to help them with their sore joints and muscles. The low level heat, supplied from heated dog beds has been known to have a therapeutic nature and stimulate circulation to help relieve sore muscles and joints. Dogs with arthritis will also enjoy a heated dog bed because of its therapeutic nature.

Rectangular Dog Beds. Some dogs love to sleep in cuddle position while other dogs prefer to stretch out, rectangular beds are perfect for them fitting in any corners and niches. For as low as $38, you can give your dog a comfortable and warm bed space as his territory. Aside from providing your dog with his own throne, you as pet owner can also get a lot of benefits from buying a rectangular dog bed. One of these is your ease of sleeping. In addition, it allows you to be safe from obtaining common sickness caused by animals. With rectangular dog beds, you don't have to deal with the fallen fur and annoying smell on your bed. You and your dog will definitely have a good night’s sleep separately on a comfortable bed all night long. Common rectangular beds are Orthopedic Rectangular Dog Bed, Snoozer Rectangular Dog Beds, Supersoft Rectangular Dog Bed, Coil Spring Rectangular Dog Beds and many more.

Round Dog Beds. Round bed equals to warm bed. Round dog beds are plush mounds of softness for sleeping and perfect rest area after a tiring day of playing. You can get a round bed for only $45 and up according to functions and features. Choosing a round dog bed must be based on your personal taste and preferred features. Round dog beds don't have a huge difference from other designer beds available on the market but their round shape will surely satisfy one's meticulous taste. Major selections of round beds are Round Soft Dog Beds, Round Bolster Dog Beds, Round Pillow Dog Beds and many more.

Orthopedic Dog Beds. Healing and soothing warm that comforts dog is the trademark of Orthopedic Dog Beds. For only $53, you can get an orthopedic bed that can help to prevent arthritis in dogs and relieve soreness in dogs that already have it. Any dogs can benefit from orthopedic bed comfort like sensitive health, joints, muscles and bones of senior dogs, the whimpering and separation anxiety of new puppy, healing of dogs with arthritis and muscles of dogs just came from surgery or operation, and the warm place for cold and snowy winter days. Check the various kinds of orthopedic dog beds that include Deluxe Orthopedic Dog Bed, Orthopedic Dog Bed, Thermal Orthopedic Dog Bed and many more. For your information, orthopedic means a treatment dealing with problems that develop in the bones, joints and ligaments of the body. Therefore, an orthopedic dog bed is a sleeping cushion where the main concern is to ease the aching bones and muscles. Truly, the orthopedic dog beds are not just your ordinary bed but a therapeutic bed that provides many benefits for your dog’s wellness. They are highly recommendable by vets and pet health practitioners.

Bolster Dog Beds. This kind of dog bed is well-known for providing a cozy, secure place for dog to call his own. You can get a Bolster Dog bed for only $ 41, a dog got a comfortable bed with a pillow on which he can conveniently lay his head as he takes a nap. Known as the epitome of comfort, the offered bolster dog beds are made from premium quality fabrics that provide soft and comfortable place for pet to relax and spend valuable sleeping time he needs. Bolster Dog Beds are very stylish and colorful too with cool and stunning designs, just fits with any interior home decorations.

Pillow Dog Beds. Get this bed for just $32 and your dog will feel a giant mound of softness. The dog pillow bed features fine stitching, pleasant overstuffing and high quality upholstery fabric that makes it a smart choice for your dog as well as other pets you have. Not constrained to dimensions, these dog pillow beds can be placed anywhere in your house, in a corner or out in the middle of the floor.

Nest Dog Beds. A bed with full security and comfort feeling for dogs. The cute and innovative design of pet nests and dog deep cuddlers has a wall that will envelop your pet with security and added comfort. This wall will surely provide your dog a secure and relaxing place to acquire his needed sleep. The pet nest's supportive wall will definitely cuddle your dear pooch friend with warm and soothing spot to curl up. Own one for only starting $23 and your dog will be satisfied.

Dog Nap Pads. For dogs and dog owners who usually out in many places, a Nap Pad is recommendable. Either on home or on travel, this simple bed will allow dog to have a spot he can call his own. For less than $17, dogs will get a plush mounds of softness for sleeping. Dog Nap Pads are really ideal for pet owners who travel frequently but don't want to leave their dogs alone at home. And because it is light in weight and easy to roll, you can easily transport and carry it wherever you go.

Cooling Dog Beds. When hot days is coming, dogs usually search for cool and dry place to sleep and you can give him one right away for less than $43, with a Canine Cooler Dog Bed. Heat is very dangerous to dogs especially when they spend a lot of time outdoors and the fact that they don't have the capacity of telling if they are thirsty or dehydrated, Canine Cooler Dog Bed and Cool K-9 Cooling Jacket can easily you can protect your beloved dog from being parched or acquiring possible skin problems due to heat waves or overexposure to sunlight. These thermoregulating pet beds are highly recommendable especially in hot summer season.

Waterproof Dog Beds. With only $70, Waterproof Dog Beds are a great way to give dog's who pend a lot of time outdoors a comfortable place to relax. These beds provide protection against wet floors, moist ground and other water supplies to ensure a completely dry, warm and comfortable place for your loved pet to sleep. he cover of this Waterproof Bed is removable, machine washable and dryable. Basically, a snoozer waterproof dog bed is a safe refuge to your dog against wet floors, moist ground and other water-related supplies. This is also one way of ensuring that your dog is kept warm, dry and comfortable during his sleep.

Chew Proof Dog Beds. Got a chewer one? Then for only $75, you can get a Chewproof dog bed great for dogs who tend to destroy their beds and it will last a lifetime regardless of how he uses it. The chew proof dog bed is the only bed you need if you have dogs whose hobby is to chew their bed. This is because the chew proof dog beds are made of the finest and sturdy materials such as aluminum, poly-resin and steel. Chew proof dog bed is the most economical dog bed for naturally chewer dog available on the market today because it allows you not to buy a dog bed over and over again.

Wooden Dog Beds. Want to give a rustic feel in your house while putting your dog right back into the wild? For only $160, you ca get a Wooden Dog Beds made of high quality woods and cushion materials available on the market today. The wooden dog bed is a great way to provide comfortable sleeping habit or resting time to your dog. It also provides firm support that is incomparable to any pillow or cushion available. This bed will surely complement your home’s interior design with its rustic look but stylish design. Wooden dog bed will definitely make your home looks tropical and provide your pet a close to nature sleeping experience.

Wrought Iron Dog Beds. Do you spoil your dog with elegant and style? Wrought Iron Dog Bed is the beautiful way to treat your dog to a luxurious spot to rest and sleep as well as add a piece of furniture to your home that everyone will notice and appreciate. This bed cost from $230, this bed can be re-design with available mattresses with different color, design and softness.

Tent Dog Beds. This fun and cozy home dog bed is perfect for cute dogs for just $30. A Pet Tent is your dog's personal area where he can be freed from loud noises and harsh lights. It also provides a unique sanctuary for your small dog and other pets as well. Especially crafted by animal lovers with your pet's comfort in mind, these pet tents have combined elegance and affordability.

Fancy Dog Beds. Do you consider your dog as a member of the family? Then for only $150 you can get a Fancy dog bed with unique and outstanding pieces of elegant design and quality. Fancy Dog Bed is the best way to your dog like a king or queen.

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