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Choosing The Right Dog For You

by: doglover
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Owning a dog needs dedication, time and effort. As you all know, dogs are domesticated animals that need to be nurtured and loved. So before you consider owning one, it is very important that you assess and think about what type of dog you really want.

Choosing the right dog breed should match your needs, lifestyle or status in life. Are you an active person or a home buddy? Do you like a good running partner, a dog who can accompany you when you jog outside? Do you want a little toy dog to match your cute personality? Or do you want a large dog to guard your house against burglars? These are just a few questions you should answer in selecting the right dog for you.

Many people tend to choose a dog solely on the way it looks or on the way it is perceived by the public. But thereís more to the physical appearance of a dog. You should also consider other important factors such as breed, age and sex. Bear in mind that dog breeds and their behaviour vary. Some dogs might be a little more aggressive than the others. There are also dogs that need more training and require more attention.

In selecting the right dog breed for you, decide first what size of a dog you desire. Will it be big, medium-sized or small? Different dog sizes match different needs. If you are the sporty or active type, then opt for medium-sized or large dogs that would be great companions on outdoor exercise or running in the park.

For those who are the hippie ones and enjoy the grooming part of dog ownership, it is best to own a little toy dog that can be brought to events and parties, and whose fur can be transformed in various colors.

The age of a dog should also be among the considerations. It is more enjoyable to nurture a puppy as a pet, but this requires more supervision and time for potty training and other behavioral issues. If you donít have the luxury of time, then go for adult dogs that donít have behavioral problems anymore like excessive barking and chewing things.

You should also choose between male of female dogs. Well, itís just matter a personal preference. There are some generalizations and articles which you can read over the internet and itís worth the time to read over them. Some say female dogs can be trained easily than males and that they more docile. Male dogs, on the other hand, are more affectionate and tend to long more attention. They are also very outgoing and motivated by food, treats and toys.

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