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Do No Bark Collars Work?

by: doglover
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Yes. Some work better than others. Some control the barking through corrections, these are bark control collars.

Other dog bark collars actually modify the dog’s behavior and teach the dog not to bark.These behavior modification collars are preferred, as the goal for all dog owners is to teach their dog not to bark and to be able to remove the dog no bark collar.

Some no bark collars are rechargeable, some are waterproof, and many others. Most of the quality no bark collars offered today are offered by either Innotek or PetSafe. The Innotek no bark collars are advanced correction and behavior modification collars. The PetSafe no bark collars are correction only.

Besides no bark collars, some companies still offer bark collars which use ultrasound to control the dogs barking. Collars or devices which emit ultrasound are not specific.

Although the ultrasound will be heard by the barking dog, so will it be heard by all other pets in the home, which were not barking! Ultrasound collars are still available, but many retailers are fazing them out because the no bark collars are much more effective. For many retailers the ultrasonic collars, because of their relative poor success rate have resulted in a high return rate. So the retailers are no longer offering ultrasonic collars.

There are also citronella collars available. This does sound strange, but they are available. Basically a reservoir filled with citronella is placed on the front of the collar. When the dog barks a citronella spray is projected through a tube toward the dogs nose and face. The harsh chemical serves as a correction when a dog barks. These collars can break, are not small for little dogs, and require repeated refills of citronella.

Do they work, probably not. But even if they did work, it is a complicated system spraying a noxious chemical which some say does not hurt a dog. If you can believe that and can bring yourself to spray citronella into your face, then consider using it for your dog.

How It Works
The no bark collar is a training device that helps reduce nuisance barking. There are two key features of the no bark collar.

The first is a mild warning sensation triggered by your dog’s first bark. The second feature occurs when your dog barks again within 30 seconds of the first bark. This will be the first and lowest level of correction. There are a total of 6 levels of correction that are triggered by your dog’s successive barks.

Each successive bark will increase the correction level if the bark is within 30 seconds of the previous bark. If your dog does not bark for at least 30 seconds the receiver resets itself. Along with each correction there will be an audible beep.

As a built-in safety feature, when your dog barks 15 times or more in a 50 second period the collar will automatically shut off for a period of 3 minutes.

About the Author

The author is a pet lover and web copywriter connected to a company that sells top-notch no bark collars, dog training collar and sport dog collars that are are effective, humane and safe for controlling unwanted barking.

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