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Dog Training Tips for Your Puppy

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by: ChristyJonpns
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Date: Mon, 1 Dec 2008 Time: 12:00 AM

Researchers in the area of dog study have recently incorporated the study of the prenatal period of puppy’s life to further understand dogs. During the prenatal period, it is believed that touching the pregnant dog makes her litter more docile. If you have a pregnant dog, strive to keep in touch with it regularly through physical contact as puppies respond a lot to that.

House training methods vary from dog owner to dog owner. Some dog owners train their puppies using paper towels or tissues. You can train your dog using a litter box.

Make sure that you get all the members of your household involved in the dog training session so that they too will be able to exercise some form of authority and control over your dog too. If you are the only person your dog listens to, when you are away, other people at home will not to be able to exert some form of control over it and that can cause problems.

Positive training methods include the use of positive punishments to get a dog to act well. If a dog is fond of jumping on stranger, growling at it to stop is a form of positive punishment. Positive training basically favors positivism in all aspects of a dog’s training even in punishment.

Any slight change in the tone of your voice when you issue commands can throw a dog into confusion. Dogs that have grown so used to a particular tone of voice may be unsure about what to do if a different tone is used. Be consistent in both the tone and the speed of what you are saying so that your dog will understand it.

Circus dogs are those that are trained specially for the purpose of entertainment. Circus dogs are trained to do a lot of amazing things such as jump hoops or roll balls. You can teach your own dog a trick or two to catch fun and entertain your friends.

It requires a lot of patience to train a dog. Training a dog involves repeating a particular command until the dog gets it. If you don’t have enough patience to train your dog, turn it over to a dog trainer.

Praise is to dogs what love is to humans. Don’t forget to praise your dog when it gets a command right. A reward system encourages your dog to learn eagerly.

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