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Dog Training Tips That Is Important For You to Know

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by: ChristyJonpns
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Date: Wed, 3 Dec 2008 Time: 12:00 AM

Puppies usually have an annoying tendency to chomp on household items. Not training your puppy can lead to a trail of torn up chairs and pillows in its wake. Teaching a dog not to chew on household items is a part of dog training.

House training methods vary from dog owner to dog owner. Some dog owners train their puppies using paper towels or tissues. You can train your dog using a litter box.

Dogs are non-verbal creatures while human beings are verbal creatures. Dogs basically communicate what they feel by wagging their tails, moaning, whining, barking or biting. Humans need to learn how to tell their dogs what they want through both verbal and non verbal language.

Sometimes, keeping your dog on a leash is the best form of dog training. Some dogs are overly excited and tend to hurt people in a fit to excitement unless they are trained. Training your dog through the leash has proved quite effective for many dog owners.

Don’t attempt to coach a dog to learn commands that you are not sure of or else there will be a lot of confusion going on. As a dog owner, your success in training your dog lies in your ability to master all dog commands. A command that is poorly given is bound to be poorly executed by a dog.

Sometimes, a dog’s difficult behavior is not necessarily your fault. Your dog may be acting badly because of certain inherent factors that only a dog psychologist can determine. A good dog trainer can bring out the best of your dog without much hassles.

A pregnant dog needs human touch in order for it to produce amicable puppies. Scientific evidence shows that pregnant dogs that are constantly in contact with human beings give birth to an amicable litter. If you have a pregnant dog, a constant belly rub will communicate your affection to the growing puppies and help to produce healthy puppies.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. All training and no fun can turn your dog into a bored canine. Always mix fun with your dog training sessions to encourage your dog to look forward to them.

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