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Greyhound rescue

by: Petnanny
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I have worked with dogs for most of my adult life, both in canine behaviour and in my capacity as a pet sitter. During that time many breeds have passed through my hands.

I currently walk two ex -racing Greyhounds. A male called Nero, and a female called Lisa. I recall fondly our first meeting when Nero gazed up at me with absolute trust, and the sweetness of Lisa once she had learned to trust me. It never ceases to amaze me whenever we venture out for our daily walk, how I get asked the same basic questions. “Are they vicious because they wear muzzles?” “I expect they need loads of exercise”? “I couldn’t have one because I have a cat”!

Let me assure you that Greyhounds make WONDERFUL pets. They are loyal, intelligent, affectionate and so laid back! Contrary to popular belief, with care, they can also live quite happily with cats.

It is a common misconception that Greyhounds that race for a living, are treated well. Sadly, this is not always the case. Too many are confined in small cages, and never shown any affection. After brief careers when they are no longer profitable, and difficult to place as pets, they are often destroyed. Yet these beautiful creatures have an amazing capacity for forgiveness. I once trod on Nero’s foot by mistake and his eyes looked up at me as he nuzzled my hand, as if to say he understood that I meant him no harm.

What I found really heartbreaking was my recent visit to the RSPCA re-homing centre at Blackberry Farm I had gone there to make a short broadcast for BBC Three Counties Radio, and couldn’t help noticing the amount of Greyhounds up for re-homing. I asked one of the Kennel maids if I could take a photograph will a view to broadcasting their plight. A small brindle bitch was led mournfully out of her kennel and she looked up to me, her large brown eyes pleading me to take her home. Had I not got an insanely jealous GSD at home, I would have bundled her straight into my car!

I would ask anyone who is considering re-homing a dog in the foreseeable future, to please consider a Greyhound. All they crave is to be loved, and given the chance and they will reward you a thousand fold.

By Nina Cole

About the Author

Biography Nina has worked with animals for most of her adult life, and in 1989 she studied the wolves at Whipsnade Wild animal Park in South Bedfordshire. She believed that in order to fully understand the behaviour of dogs, we must first look to the species from where they descended. Nina, a champion of animal welfare, often appears in the media, both on television and radio, to highlight various causes. In 1998 she started a pet and house sitting service called 'Nina's Nannies for Pets' and is in the process of opening an on line pet shop, in which she will offer pet owners good quality products and educational toys. Her dog Zak, also has his own on line blog

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