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91: The History Of Rottweilers
Rottweilers have a history that goes way back through times. There are as with most different breeds, different versions of their past. Some claim the rottweiler is entirely German developed by butche

92: Advice On Adopting A Pitbull
Dear Adam:I purchased your book about 5 months ago, and I was hoping that might would "entitle" me to some advice. First, let me say that I'm very satisfied with my purchase. Not only does it give adv

93: Adolescent Dog Snapped At Baby
I wrote to you some months ago and never write again, this because I did not have any problem with my dog until now and this is case of keeping the dog or giving her away.Last week the dog (9 months n

94: Overcoming Dog Separation Anxiety
Many dogs have separation anxiety. Separation anxiety in dogs exhibits behavior problems when they’re being left alone at home. This often leads to excessive barking, whining, chewing, house soiling a

95: Toy Poodle, About The Breed
A toy poodle is a type of dog, one that is small, lively and that will become part of the family when welcomed into your home. The toy poodle is one that can be black, white or brown, and true toy poo

96: The Art Of Dog Training And Obedience School
One of the best things about dog ownership is that they can be trained to obey commands and are able to make a connection with their owner. Dog training requires a certain amount of patience and deter

97: The Art Of Dog Grooming
If you have a dog, then you are already familiar with the art of dog grooming. If you are just considering a new pet, there is plenty to think about and this includes their appearance. Some dogs are e

98: All About The Boston Terrier
The Boston Terrier has been nicknamed, and justly so "the American Gentleman." And has earned its nick name due to its wonderful, gentle disposition. Not to mention its tuxedo like coat. The Boston Te

99: What Is The Best Dog Collar
Dog collars come in a variety of colors, styles and even functions. There’s the obedience or choke collar, bark control collars, flea collars, and a whole array of just dog collars. So which to choose

100: Dog Clothes - Fad, Fun Or Functional
Your dog is not just a pet. Your dog is not just an animal. Your dog is a bona FIDO member of the family!! So of course your dog needs to dress the part – right?Well thanks to the internet and the man

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