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61: Great Dane - Apartment Dog
By Mike MathewsMost people see a big dog and think that they need a large living space. Well, for the most part they would be correct, but some dogs, like the Great Dane, are just as happy with a smal

62: The Versatile Golden Retriever
By Mike MathewsSo you are interested in acquiring a Golden Retriever because you think it is a friendly and good looking dog breed and you have heard that it behaves well with children. Well you are r

63: Dog Aggression And Genetics Plus Housebreaking A Poodle
By Adam KatzDear Adam:I purchased and read your book and it as helped me immensely in a number of areas.[To read more about the book he's referring to, please see:

64: Spitting In Your Dog's Food To Build Dominance - Revisited
By Adam KatzI was having dinner last week with Jeff and Michelle--two of my first dog training clients, when I branched out on my own and started South Bay K-9 Academy in Southern California, back in

65: The Bloodhound - A Friendly Breed With A Famous Nose
By Dakota DogThe Bloodhound or St. Hubert Hound is an ancient breed that dates back over 1500 years. The name Bloodhound refers to their pure blood and pure breeding standards. This large scent hound

66: The Pug - Little Dog In Charge
By Dakota DogSmall and spunky, the pug dates back over 2000 years. Their story is rich in history and they have been favorite subjects for many painters. They weigh between 14-18 pounds and are 10 inc

67: Golden Retriever - A Loving, Large Family Dog
Golden Retrievers are a medium to medium/large dog breed. They reach a height between 20” to 24”. If a Golden Retriever could speak, they might say, “What can I do for you?” They are born people pleas

68: Dog Too Spoiled To Walk On Leash
Dear Mr. Katz:I have a 4 month old female pup, AmStaff/Boxer (we think - she was a rescue). She responds well to all training, EXCEPT for walking and heeling.We've practiced the loose-leash "turning o

69: The Greyhound - Graceful, Sweet And Docile
The Greyhound is a medium to medium/large dog breed that is graceful and gentle. They weigh between 60-70 pounds and reach 26 inches to 30 inches in height. They are a breed that enjoys family compani

70: Bulldog Problems: Is It Housebreaking Or Separation Anxiety
Dear Adam: I adopted Sophie, a 3-year old 60-lb female English Bulldog, four months ago. The problem is twofold--one, she pees in the house (and occasionally poops, too), and two, being an incredibly

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