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Pet Sitting Options

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by: jensmith
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Date: Tue, 25 May 2010 Time: 11:48 PM

Relying on friends and family or choosing kennels when going on holiday, have historically been the most obvious choices when it come to making suitable arrangements for their canine companions, but what if these options are not available or suitable? How many of us actually admit to not going away when we’d like to for fear of leaving Fido? Research shows only 10% of dog owners use kennels and 28% are foisted onto friends and neighbours – 33% of whom would rather not have the responsibility!

Pet-sitting with a difference, home-from-home pet care, dog holidays, a welcome alternative to kennels. Home from Home Pet Care is designed to reduce stress for owners and pets alike.  Home from Home is the revolutionary pet care concept that everyone’s talking about. Dogs stay in a loving home environment, when their owners are away on holiday...

Everything is designed to reduce stress for customer and pet.  Customers are visited in their own homes with their dog(s) to find out about daily routines for exercising and feeding, likes, dislikes and healthcare needs.  Obviously at the heart of the business are a dedicated team of host families.  A host family is selected from a portfolio of trusted dog lovers.  Accommodation is arranged in a warm, friendly home environment with one-to-one dog care; exercise and feeding routines (and house rules!) are maintained just as the dog would be used to.  To make parting easier, our complete hassle-free service includes holiday transportation for the pet.

All of the hosts are dog lovers who provide genuine affection and undivided attention for their canine visitors.  Some are active retired people who have had dogs before and miss the routine and exercise.  Others are at home during the day with children and can provide a busy family environment.  Many have pets of their own for their guests to make friends with.  All potential hosts are interviewed in depth and visited at home to ensure that they meet with the strict criteria, they must be able to demonstrate a clear understanding of dog care, have somewhere warm and cosy for pets to sleep, continue home life routines for exercising and feeding, have a safe garden, and be at home during the day.

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Barking Mad provides dog sitting and pet sitting - an alternative to kenneling.

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