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Specialized Dog Fences

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by: wishbone
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Date: Tue, 25 May 2010 Time: 12:42 AM

Specialized electric dog fences  are a great way to keep your dog in a designated area without obtrusive traditional fences. With so many choices for ideal dog fences, here are some dogs have special needs. Little dogs, very large dogs and stubborn dogs may require special consideration before choosing the right dog fence. Maybe you don't have a yard that is Ideal for burying a wire. We present to you, the Specialized Electronic Dog Fence. This electric dog fence is designed with your special needs in mind. This exclusive article from Pet Street Mall will guide you with main advantages, details and benefits of these specialized dog fences.

Petsafe Little Dog Fence. Small dogs and toy dog breeds needs dog fence and collars that are light and easy enough for your little furrbabies. The Petsafe Deluxe little Dog fence is the newest innovation from one of the industry's best containment manufacturers. The all new Little Dog Fence is the only dog fence designed for your small or toy breed dog. A tiny, comfort fit collar it lightweight and small enough to accommodate the smallest dogs. The Comfort Fit Receiver is one of the smallest and lightest receiver available anywhere. The receiver is durable and waterproof. The collar has a low battery indicator for the convenience of the pet owner to know when the batteries need replacing. QuickFit buckle provides a quick release and a perfect fit every time. Five Levels of Programmable Correction. Level one is warning tone only - ideal for initial training or very timid pets. Levels two thru four are for easy or average to train pets. Level five is for very hard to train or stubborn pets.

Petsafe Stubborn Dog Containment System. Got larger and very stubborn dog? Your dog may be stubborn, but that doesn't mean he can't be kept safe and secure. The principle appeal of the Stubborn Dog system is the higher correction level, three times higher than their regular collars. While a higher correction level may be necessary on some dogs, we worry that owners will use the higher correction level instead of properly training their dogs. We have noticed that many people think the correction level is not high enough, when the real problem is that they did not properly train their dogs in use of the fence. We would only use this system if you are positive your dog will not respond to a regular system (e.g. very large and very stubborn dogs), for 95% of dogs this is simply unnecessary. The PetSafe Large and Stubborn Dog Fence is a useful tool where you have a dog that is not responsive to a regular correction. Just make sure you need it. For most of you it is not necessary. The PetSafe Stubborn Dog In-Ground Radio Fence System has been proven safe, comfortable, and effective for all pets over 20 lbs. A small percentage of dogs require this receiver. Because of its size, this receiver should normally be used on dogs that are over 20 pounds. While dogs under 20 pounds can easily wear this receiver, keep in mind it will look quite bulky on them.

Petsafe Wireless Dog Fence. This the new and improved, totally wireless, fast and easy to set up dog fence that can create boundaries up to 180 feet diameter, and you can bring and use it anywhere. The Petsafe Instant Fence is a revolutionary new concept that provides the safest, simplest form of pet containment ever. This is the Instant Fence offers twice the coverage of any other wireless system on the market. The Petsafe PIF-300 Wireless Dog Fence is completely portable, you can take it - and your pet - wherever you go: to the beach, to a friend's house, even on vacation! When your pet leaves the area, he receives a mild correction until he returns to the containment area or until approximately 35 seconds have passed. Since Petsafe Instant Fence is completely portable, you can take it and your pet wherever you go. So your pet is safe, and your mind is at ease.

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