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The Best Approach in Dog Training

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by: ClaraKenpnb
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Date: Wed, 3 Dec 2008 Time: 12:00 AM

The socialization period is the most suitable time for bonding between you and your dog. During a puppy’s socialization stage, it learns by experience and can easily learn to foster relationships with both humans and its fellow dogs. A puppy learns new behaviors during the socialization stage that helps it learn its master’s needs.

You need to be ready to take care of a dog if you really want to have one. Dogs require a lot of care both emotionally and financially. Dog’s food on an average costs at most ten dollars a month.

Dog training class gives you as well as your dog the chance to hone socialization skills. You can get a date at your dog training class with someone who shares the same passion that you do for dogs. At a dog training session, you get the chance to meet with and interact with other dog owners and learn a lot about other dog owner’s experiences.

Electronic collars are excellent devices for teaching particularly adventurous dogs how to stay within the vicinity of the home. Electronic collars are rigged to work in collaboration with wires places underground around a house and go off whenever a dog tries to step outside the boundary of the house.

The mind of a dog is unlike the reasoning and thinking of human beings. A dog cannot respond to commands that are given haphazardly. If your dog bungles one command, go back to the start of the instructions and make it respond to them all over again.

Reward training refers to positive dog training. Positive dog training techniques refer to the use of positive training techniques to train your dog. The fact about the matter is that positive dog training works effectively for dogs.

Dogs can be a handful and without proper training, they can be positively uncontrollable. Having a dog entails more than just feeding and bathing it. Dog training is one responsibility you owe to your dog.

Be consistent with your voice commands and your dog will get your commands right. Inconsistency in dog training can throw a wench into the wheel of plans you have for your dog.

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