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Tips & Tricks on Using Doggles

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"Wear sunglasses that block UV rays." Did you know that this sentence should also be applied to your pets? Doggles, also known as dog goggles or sun goggles, are protective eyewear particularly made for dogs. It can protect your four-legged friendís eyes from debris, wind and other foreign objects that may cause irritation or infection. Read more.

Research and studies show that long hours in the sun without adequate eye protection increase the chances of developing eye disease. It is proven that UV-absorbent sunglasses and sun goggles can help protect your eyes and the eyes of your dog from sun damage. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has set standards for UVA and UVB protection in sun goggles. The American National Standards Institute requires that a pair of sun goggles block at least 50% of UV rays.

Check the label! Remember that ideal sun goggles don't have to be expensive, but they should block 99 to 100% of UVA and UVB radiation. Our labels read "UV absorption up to 400 nm," which is the equivalent of 100% UV absorption.

For dogs with the increasingly common eye disease, Pannus, doggles are proving themselves very useful. It is well known that dogs with Pannus should stay out of direct sun and get protection from UV light. Doggles are a great alternative for those dogs that can't stay inside during the day.

Doggles also provide protection from wind and debris. Whether your dog rides in a sidecar, on a motorcycle, or in the back of a pickup, he/she needs eye protection.

Most dogs will readily accept doggles after a short adjustment period. Training your dog to wear the goggles can be accomplished in a small amount of time if you follow these easy steps:

Ľ Donít put the goggles on your dog while indoors. Imagine yourself wearing dark tinted glasses inside. You cannot see, and neither can your dog.

When you first put the dog goggles on your pet, don't let him paw at the glasses or roll to get them off. Reassure him that its okay. Take him immediately to bright sunlight and let him realize that he can see with them on. Walk around, get his mind off the goggles.

Try to go through this routine as often as possible. The number of training sessions required depends on your dog.

Doggles come in variety of styles and sizes to fit any breed of dog from five (5) pounds up to 200 pounds. Different colors of frames and lenses are also available. Doggles ensure a perfect fit by using two adjustable head straps - one behind the head and one under the chin. The chin strap simply wraps under your dog's chin and snaps into place. They are very simple to use.

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