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Tips on Dog House Size and Design

by: doglover
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The biggest mistake most dog owners make is buying or building a dog house that is not suitable for their climate. The design and size of the house determines whether the dog house will be cool or warm.

To pick a cool design in a snowy area will keep the dog dry, but unfortunately keep the dog cold as well. Pick the correct design and size for your location. If you live in a region with severe winters, bigger is definitely not better. However, for regions with extremely mild winters, a house "larger than necessary" does not present a problem.

When measuring your pet's house, the door height opening should be no less than 3/4 of your dog's shoulder to ground measurement. For example, if your dog's measurement is 24 inches, the door opening should be need to be at least 19" tall.

You should choose a dog house design where the entrance provides protection against the wind and place your dog house in such a way that it is further protected against the dominant wind directions.

Width and length of the house should be the same while the height should be at least 25% but not more than 50% taller than the height from the dog's toes up to the top of his/her head. The 50% adjustment can still maintain a good body heat retention during cold and snowy seasons.

For example, if your pet's height is 24 inches, then your dog house should be approximately 30 to 35 inches.

Before attempting to build or buy a dog house, you should always consider the following factors on choosing the right house for your dog.

Purpose of the dog house
Size of the dog
Location of the dog house
Climate of the location
Spatial constraints

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