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Types of Wide Pet Gates

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by: wishbone
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Date: Wed, 10 Mar 2010 Time: 1:49 AM

Pet Gates are the easy and affordable way to restrict access to certain areas of your home from kids, dogs, and cats. A pet gate can be placed at the top or the bottom of a stairway. A pet gate can be placed by the kitchen door way, or any other doorway that needs a gate. Pet gates are not solid walls; hence your pet can see through the gate and still be part of the activity in the other room. But when you have a jumping dog or a tall dog, you need pet gate that is wide and long enough to accommodate all necessary space you have to cover to protect or off-limit your kids or pets. This PetStreetMall article about wide pet gates will give you enough knowledge and options on selecting the best pet gate that will suits your needs, but still suitable style to your home.

Elongate Pet Gate. Elongate pet gate is one of the most sought-after pet gates on the market today! It is popular due to its extra wide gate feature and heavy-duty performance that you can rely on. Elongate is a durable extra wide gate for dogs, pets or children. Since its wide panel is extendable, you have the option to place it anywhere you want and you can easily adjust it depending on the room dimension. Elongate wide dog gate is also ideal for a pet owner who wants to maintain the orderliness inside the home while letting pets enjoy their freedom. With elongate pet gate, your pet dog can enjoy roaming around the house without comprising the safety of your baby and other family members at home. Certainly, elongate pet gate is intentionally made to organize and sanitize our home.

Using the latest in European technology, each Élongate is constructed of heavy tubular steel with a non-toxic white plastic coating. The G60 has an attractive, simple design that complements any decor. The size between bars for this gate are 2 ¾ inches. This gate comes with hardware to mount it on any solid surface. You need additional Installation kit(s) if you mount the gate on other surfaces. The basic Elongate dog gate is 29 1/2" high and fits openings of 48" to 60" wide. Optional 24" extensions can expand this gate up to 13 feet! Having an elongate wide dog gate also gives you the advantage to prevent spreading an infectious disease that your dog might bring inside your home. Using an elongate pet gate will also stop your dog from entering the kitchen or your private room. It is also safe because of its fire resistant feature.

Configuregate Pet Gate. Do you have odd-shaped space or irregular rooms that does not have mounting points straight across that you need to put gate? THe Congfigurate pet gate is the best solution. This KidCo expandable pet gate is the answer to many common problems like gating across a driveway or putting the G-80 configure gate across a garage door opening. It is the only fully expandable pet gate that requires no support in the center on very long lengths.

The Configure gate pet gate is the only "build your own" gate system and needs to be wall mounted to be strong and safe. Three 24" interlocking sections adjust in 10° increments and can be angled or set in a straight line as needed. Included in the three piece basic pet gate set is a walk through gate section that opens easily in either direction with a one hand adult release. At 29½" high, it's great for both children and pets.

Wide Stairway Swing Dog Gate. Have wide stair? This perfectly functional, durable and easy to use gate is ideal to keep the kids in or out! This gate is ideal for top of the stairs safety, and has a new secure child proof finger latch design. In addition to its functionality, this gate is aesthetically. Perfect for securing stairs and other locations while the deluxe wood gate adjusts easily to doorways 28'' 42'' wide and is 30'' high. The gate swings in, out or both ways with swing control hinge. Perfect for securing stairs and other locations. 30" high deluxe wood gate adjusts easily to doorways and stairways 46"-63" wide - over 5 feet!

Extra Wide Swing Dog Gate. For large opening that are often difficult to close off, the solution is the NS Extra-Wide Swing Gate that offers perfect security for your child or pet. An elegant wooden design gate swings in, out or both ways with swing control hinge. It is made of a durable, deluxe wood, perfect for any home decor. Easily adjusts to doorways 28" to103" wide-over 8.5', height is 27". This product don't work on slam spaces, the smallest opening it can work with is 5 feet (57 in.). It is great for blocking off a porch or other wide areas.

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