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Ethical Breeders Are Taking A Beating

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by: ColleenDB
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Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2008 Time: 12:00 AM

It has become increasingly difficult for ethical breeders to run a thriving business without being accused of being an animal hoarder or a Mill.

Why is this happening to ethical breeders?

Negative publicity always sparks the interest of “extremists”, those right wing rebels and fighters for justice for all things wrong in the world today. Not to mention those who are undeniably out in left field. These left fielders are malicious people looking for a way to get even.

Let’s just say for instance they have a personal issue with this ethical breeder (we will use a dog breeder for this example). This woman (we will call Eva) has a cousin whose boy friends sister (we will call her Cathy) bought an antique vase from her aunt and it turned out to be a fake. Even though the Aunt was totally unaware it was a fake, Eva wants to avenge Cathy so Eva writes a very dauntingly nasty review on a popular online dogs for sale website, also writes a letter to the directors of the American Kennel Club reporting this ethical breeder as a “Puppy Mill”. If Eva herself has done business with this breeder may even go so far as to report her to The Better Business Bureau. While these accusations will be investigated and proven false, the ethical breeders reputation has been adversely affected and the ethical breeder now must repair it. In the past incidents like this were not that hard to resolve. It usually took a few malicious attacks such as these before a breeder was even questioned.

As of late the general public has been smothered by information regarding the horrific treatment of animals. It is truly without a doubt justifiable concern, however with so many caring people as well as extremists and nut cases wanting to do “their part” it is being blown way out of proportion. This “over caring” is really hurting the ethical breeder, who is an organized, careful, loving and nurturing breeder who cares for their selected breed or breeds as if they are human.

Now, however because of the irresponsibility of hoarders and mass production facilities, ethical breeders are taking a beating. They must constantly be on guard and ready to fight a barrage of accusations and insults even in forums and blogs. Many pet services no longer condone the breeding of pets because there are so many unwanted pets in shelters. There is a lot to be said for shelters however, some people wish to keep pure breeds pure and show their animals, many breeds were developed for certain qualities and purposes.

Tennessee Walking Horses Have been selectively bred over the years for their smooth gait and long distance endurance. Not all horses share these qualities. A quarter horse is built for harder work but does not have the gait of a walker. To get the qualities you want in an animal you must purchase a breed that fits your need. This is not usually the case if you get your horse from an animal shelter. What you will generally get is what is referred to as a “Grade horse” meaning it is a mixed breed that could have many or few good qualities but cannot be reliable. The same is true of dogs , cats or any other animal that can be cross bred. I realize there are occasionally pure breed animals available in shelters. These usually do not have their registration or lineage available or any past health records. If you are just looking for “a pet” and it’s characteristics are not important, The shelter is a great option. When getting a pet from a shelter however take the same measures to investigate the shelter as you would a breeder. Some shelters have been known to have sick and mistreated animals. These animals can be dangerous as well. Many animals are there because of temperament defects. There are killer dogs and horses all over the world. Usually the previous owner mistreated the animal causing this but many animals cannot be reformed. To take in one of these animals shows love and concern on your part and you should be praised, however please take your safety and the safety of your family into consideration when choosing an animal. An ethical breeder has spent time with their animals and knows the temperament of each and every one of them, whereas a shelter may not have had the pet long enough to have seen it’s “true colors.” I have experienced both sides of this argument getting pets from shelters. I have gotten the perfect pet and also the pet from Hades.

My final word on this is be careful and take your time choosing your perfect animal. Do your homework on your selected breed before contacting a specialized breeder. How can you blame a breeder if you have not done your part?


In today’s society we must find a way to stand up and be counted among the honest and trust worthy so let’s give ethical breeders a fair chance to do just that. Next time you hear “breeder” please don’t cringe, but keep an open mind. Many are doing this because of their love for their certain breed of animal. If the facility is clean (not immaculate), the animals are healthy, the breeder asks many questions, can show lineage, health records and answers your questions, chances are you have found an ethical breeder. If any of these elements are not in place I would think twice before purchasing an animal from them.

Colleen Del Bane has experienced negativity because Del Bane’s Web Design creates custom websites for ethical animal breeders. People are so upset by Hoarding and Milling trends that they don’t trust any breeder. This is where Del Bane’s Web Design
comes into the picture. We have developed our website design business to support the ethical breeder.

Our mission is to screen breeders by interviews, references, photos, referrals and first hand onsite evaluation when possible. By association with Pet Sitters, veterinarians, pet escort services and others directly involved with breeders We will be able to determine if they fit our criteria.
If we determine they fit our criteria we will then list them on our website as an ethical breeder. This will give the public a safe resource for finding an ethical breeder with confidence. We will also list reputable associated services that we trust. Such as pet escorts, sitters, veterinarians, groomers and others.

About the Author

Colleen Del Bane Designs custom websites for ethical animal breeders And also enjoys writing articles about concerns involving animals and the animal industry.You may view Del Banes main website at

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