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1: Ethical Breeders Are Taking A Beating
In today’s society we must find a way to stand up and be counted among the honest and trust worthy so let’s give ethical breeders a fair chance to do just that. Next time you hear “breeder” please don’t cringe, but keep an open mind. Many are doing this because of their love for their certain breed of animal. If the facility is clean (not immaculate), the animals are healthy, the breeder asks many questions, can show lineage, health records and answers your questions, chances are you have found an ethical breeder. If any of these elements are not in place I would think twice before purchasing an animal from them.

2: Panting Pets Protesst Petty Prettying
According to a new survey by veterinarians, dogs and cats do not enjoy being clothed ...

3: Our Animals Need To Detox Too
Today, we and our animal friends are forced to deal with thousands of times more pollutants in our air, water and food than our grandparents ever had to, and our wellness suffers as a consequence. Given the tenacious nature of some of these toxins, our bodies require specific assistance in pulling them out.

Detoxification is Essential for your pets health.

4: The Joy of pet sitting
The Pet Industry is thriving. The idea travelled from the United States and now Britain’s pet owners are breathing a huge sigh of relief. No more wrestling Kitty into her cat box or marching Rover into an alien environment, where he may be exposed to contagious diseases, sickness or parasites. Granny would also be safe from the constant trips to empty the litter tray and water the roses, and the neighbours wouldn’t need to hide from the annual doorbell when next doors suitcases appeared down the drive!

5: Choosing Cremation As Your Pet’s Memorial
If you are facing the tragedy of losing your beloved pet, understanding the options for final care can provide some comfort and a sound basis for careful decisions.

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