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Hummingbirds and the Art of Psychic Development

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by: KathyYvolimin
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Date: Wed, 2 Mar 2011 Time: 9:26 PM

Developing psychic skills is not especially hard and is immensely fulfilling, so why are so few people doing it?

Gaining access to your psychic powers is nothing more or less than getting out of your own way. If you want to have a psychic experience, the secret is not to chase them. Instead, build the right mental framework where they can thrive.

When I was young, I used to catch and raise butterflies. I would go out in a field with a net, chase them down, and when I caught them I would put them in a specialized enclosure so I could watch them.

Once I visited a huge meadow filled with wildflowers, and to my joy and astonishment I encountered hummingbirds for my first time. Not just one or two. Not just dozens... They were everywhere!

I was entranced by the beautifully colored flying gems and I desperately wanted to observe one close up. Because I had a net, I thought I was well prepared to catch one for a closer look.

I was extremely wrong! I chased those elusive little things for hours and did not even get close... Until I fell over dead tired and breathless from the effort.

While I was laying quietly down on the ground attempting to catch my breath they started coming nearer. I sat up, stayed utterly still and silent, barely daring to breathe and in a short while they came right up to me.

One came so close to my face that I actually got an opportunity to look into its tiny little eyes before it flew off! It is a memory that I appreciate to this day.

Your psychic talents are just like this. lunge at them and they will forever be out of reach. Slow down and sit quietly and they will come to you.

My chance meeting with hummingbirds happened in the kind of place where they live. The better the environment is for them, the more numerous they are, and the more likely you are to meet one up close.

The same is true if you want to experience your psychic talents. If you want a close encounter, first create the type of mental conditions where they live.

Psychic talents live in places of quiet mental serenity. Practice quieting your mind and cultivating an inner tranquility and let them come to you.

Trust me. You are much more likely to have the psychic experience you are seeking when you use the right approach!

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