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Rabbits can be great pets

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Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2006 Time: 12:00 AM

Rabbits can be great pets.

Rabbits or a rabbit are fast becoming the pet of choice for many people, both children and adults. Traditionally rabbits as pets have been kept outdoors in a cage or pen. While that is still the most popular method of keeping your pet, many people have decided to move their rabbit into the house with the rest of the family.

When moving a pet rabbit from outdoors to the inside there’s a bit of adjustment time necessary. Even while indoors you’ll need to keep your rabbits or rabbit in a roomy space that is set up just for them. Then, gradually let out into the larger area of the house for ever increasing periods of time. As with any indoor pets, you can expect a few bite marks on various pieces of furniture.

Rabbits are curious and friendly yet easy to care for.

Having rabbits or a rabbit as pets can be very exciting and educational for children. Their soft fur, long ears and every inquisitive nose make rabbits an ideal pet for a family with children or for someone who lives alone. If you’re a pet lover who’s never tried raising a rabbit, consider the experience of raising rabbits as pets. They require little attention, (fresh water everyday, a dry clean living area and good food such as plants and pet store rabbit food).

Whether you keep your rabbits indoors or out you’ll enjoy their friendly, quiet nature and will fast become a favorite member of your family.

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