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Summer Pet Product Tips

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by: wishbone
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Date: Fri, 26 Mar 2010 Time: 1:17 AM

Are you and your pets ready for warmer days? Heat is dangerous to your pets, and they usually can't tell if they are thirsty or dehydrated. Too much heat causes skin diseases too, while fleas and ticks are extreme in this season. Your pets’ natural instinct like shredding and finding a cool spot to rest is not enough to protect and cool enough to keep them cool and comfortable under the hot and sunny weather. This PetStreetMall article will guide you to the list of important and affordable pet products that would save comfort your pets enough while saving your time and money.

Furminator (An effective De-Shedding Tool). Pets like dogs and cats shed naturally when hot days are coming, the extra double coat was falling to reduce the body heat they produce. This FURminator tool is you can rely on, it is capable of removing and trimming your dogs falling hair easily and safely, while doing this will save your home from dirty and fallen hairs everywhere because you already control the fallen hair. Shedding can last from 3 weeks to two months, with some breeds shedding more than others. During this time your pet will be scattering its fur around the house and creating quite a mess to clean up. With Furminator Products you can reduce this and get all of the old fur off at one time. Furminator shedding tools are different because it removes the loose dead undercoat and does not cut or damage the top coat. This tool is great too for pet owners with allergies who suffer during shedding season, because it reduces the amount of airborne elements that cause allergies.

Pet Auto Waterers. On hot days, pets easily get de-hydrated and when you are out for few hours, you need something that will ensure your dogs have access to fresh, safe and cool water to drink. The Automatic Pet Waterer is ideal for dogs, cats or other pets, and it reduces the chances of your pet getting Urinary tract diseases, too. The Pet automatic waterer is veterinarian recommended and proven effective to keep pets have enough fluids to drink whenever they want. Some automatic waterer has Forced aeration (forced induction of air into water) reduces pet saliva contamination in this automatic fresh water fountain. This patented system does not depend on water splatter to induce Oxygen into the water. There is also the WaterDog® automatic outdoor pet drinking fountain lets your dog help itself to fresh water, so you don’t have to worry about stagnant or empty water bowls. WaterDog senses your dog’s approach, and automatically dispenses a cool, clean stream of fresh drinking water. Smart sonar sensing technology triggers the WaterDog to turn the water on when your pet comes within three feet (one meter), and turns it off when your pet leaves. You'll never have to worry about what your dog's been drinking again!

Portable Water Dispenser. When you and your dog loves to walk, run, hike and have adventures outside, this simple tool will easily help you feed water to your dog instantly, called Speed-E-Drink water dispenser. his water carrier attaches with a simple belt clip to your waist for portability, while leaving your hands free. It attaches to most .5L bottles, so you never have to worry about breaking or cleaning a bottle.

Cooling Dog Beds. If your pet enjoys the soothing warm of heated pet beds on winter and cold days, then your pets should have cooling dog beds on hot summer days. Heat is dangerous to pets especially when they usually spend lots of time outdoor. With cooler dog beds, you can protect your beloved dog from being parched or acquiring possible skin problems due to heat waves or overexposure to sunlight. The Canine Cooler, also known as the Thermo-regulating pet bed, is the most comfortable, innovative and extraordinary dog bed that you can give to your dog especially during the summer season.

Cool K-9 Cooling Jackets. This is a great product for dogs who enjoys walking and hiking. It is perfect too for dogs who are practicing or showing in agility events. The Cool K-9 dog cooling jacket is a breakthrough in thermo-regulating technology. This Dog Cooling Jacket works through Water-absorbing, cross-linked polymers are sewn into supplex fabric. Just soak the dog jacket through with water and then put the jacket on your dog to help him fight off heat exhaustion and keep him cool on hot days. The dog cooling jacket acts as a perspiration system. It absorbs heat from your dogs body, then allows the heat to be dispelled into the air by the natural evaporative process. So instead of just panting and sweating through the pads of his paws, your dog is essentially "sweating," which helps him to cool off.

Cooling Bandana. Just like cooling jacket, this cooling bandana for dogs is made with crystals which absorb water and acts like a reverse heat pump which helps to remove the heat from the dog, and then dissipates it into the surrounding air. Dog Cooling Bandana is Very inexpensive, yet very Hi-Tech. The Dog Cooling Bandana is made with non-toxic polymer crystals which absorb up to 30 times their weight and stay cool for several hours. This tool is reusable and hand-washable, too.

Flea and Tick Control Products. Fleas and ticks love heat and warm, that's why they are on the attacking mode when the hot summer days come. You need to control this bugs and parasites off your pets, flea and tick products like K9 Advantix, Frontline Flea Control, Dog Advantage Flea Control, Dog Flea Powders, Dog lea Shampoo, Flea Combs and Frontline Spray. Ignoring the unstoppable growing number of fleas and ticks on your pet’s body will seriously affect your pet’s health or can cause skin disease. It will also make them irritated at all times.

Doggles. This tool is a protective eyewear both for wind and sunlight's ultraviolet (UV) rays. These dog goggles are dog protective eyewear that are comfortable and stylish. Doggles dog goggles are perfect for hunting and working dogs since these breeds can benefit dog eye safety. When Dog eye safety is need such as post-eye surgery, light sensitivity, or car trips Doggles eyewear is the perfect choice. All Dog Doggles have polycarbonate (shatterproof), anti-fog Doggle lenses which block 100% of UV light and keep out wind and debris.

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