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The Joy of pet sitting

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by: Petnanny
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Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2007 Time: 12:00 AM

The Pet Industry is thriving. The idea travelled from the United States and now Britain’s pet owners are breathing a huge sigh of relief. No more wrestling Kitty into her cat box or marching Rover into an alien environment, where he may be exposed to contagious diseases, sickness or parasites. Granny would also be safe from the constant trips to empty the litter tray and water the roses, and the neighbours wouldn’t need to hide from the annual doorbell when next doors suitcases appeared down the drive!

For committed animal lovers this service is long overdue. It affords your pet the opportunity to continue their regular routine and eating habits, and owners can enjoy their annual sabbatical, in the knowledge that their home is being lived, plants watered, and gardens tended whilst they are away.

But what about the pet sitters themselves? For them it is an opportunity not to be missed. The joy of meeting old friends and making new ones. On four legs and on two! Leaving for work each day and experiencing a job satisfaction that some of us can only dream about. Indeed pet sitters will always concur that they would never do anything else!

True it is strictly a job for dedicated animal lovers, but let us also remember that this work does not stop on a Friday evening, to be returned to on Monday morning. There are no rest breaks to replenish their batteries! When the phone rings at 10 pm on a Sunday evening and its poor Granny who has forgotten her hip operation and is being hospitalised the following day, now panicking about poor Kitty sitting blissfully unaware in front of a roaring fire.

Oh and don’t forget Gertie the Guinea Pig, who has just been violently attacked by the Roger the Rabbit, who has happily shared her enclosure for the previous 2 years. Why have they chosen the first day of your sit to act out the Gunfight at the O.K. Coral?

As if the flood in Mrs Smith’s kitchen last week wasn’t bad enough, and the broken pump in Mr Brown’s pond which left 2 Koi Carp floundering in a couple of inches of water!

Yes, the pet sitting industry is booming, and those pet sitters will continue to whistle as they work, knowing that they really wouldn’t be anywhere else in the world, and that the holiday they were planning to take, well, that will have to wait yet another year!

By Nina Cole -

About the Author

Nina has worked with animals for most of her adult life and in 1989 she studied the wolves at Whipsnade Wild Animal Park in South Bedfordshire. She felt that in order to fully understand the behaviour of dogs, it was necessary to return to their ancestry. A great champion of animal welfare she often appears in the media, both on television and radio where she continues to highlight animal welfare issues. In 1998 she started a pet and house sitting service called 'Nina's Nannies for Pets', and is now in the process of starting her on line pet shop.

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