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Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Aves
Order: Passeriformes
Family: Sturnidae
Genus: Aplonis
Gould, 1836
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Aplonis is a genus of starlings. These are essentially island species of Indonesia, Oceania and Australasia, although some speciesí ranges extend to the Malay Peninsula, southern Vietnam and northeastern Queensland. Several species have restricted ranges, and, like other island endemics, have become endangered or extinct as a result of habitat loss or introduced mammals such as rats.

The following is the list of Aplonis species in taxonomic order.:

  • Metallic Starling, Aplonis metallica
    Yellow-eyed Starling, Aplonis mystacea
    Singing Starling, Aplonis cantoroides
    Tanimbar Starling, Aplonis crassa
    Atoll Starling, Aplonis feadensis
    Rennell Starling, Aplonis insularis
    Long-tailed Starling, Aplonis magna
    White-eyed Starling, Aplonis brunneicapillus
    Brown-winged Starling, Aplonis grandis
    San Cristobal Starling, Aplonis dichroa
    Rusty-winged Starling, Aplonis zelandica
    Striated Starling, Aplonis striata
    Norfolk Starling, Aplonis fusca (extinct, c.1923)
    Mountain Starling, Aplonis santovestris
    Asian Glossy Starling, Aplonis panayensis
    Moluccan Starling, Aplonis mysolensis
    Short-tailed Starling, Aplonis minor
    Micronesian Starling, Aplonis opaca
    Pohnpei Starling, Aplonis pelzelni (possibly extinct, c.2000)
    Polynesian Starling, Aplonis tabuensis
    Samoan Starling, Aplonis atrifusca
    Kosrae Island Starling, Aplonis corvina (extinct, mid-19th century)
    Mysterious Starling, Aplonis mavornata (extinct, mid-19th century)
    Rarotonga Starling, Aplonis cinerascens
    Huahine Starling, Aplonis diluvialis (prehistoric)
    Bay Starling, Aplonis ulietensis (extinct, 1774 to 1850; formerly considered a thrush)

The typical adult Aplonis starling is fairly uniformly plumaged in black, brown or dark green, sometimes with a metallic gloss. The eye ring is often distinctively coloured. Immatures of several species have dark streaked pale underparts.


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