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Aviculture is the practice of keeping and often breeding pet birds, generally companion parrots, and the culture that forms around it. Aviculture is generally focused not just on the raising and breeding of birds, but also on preserving avian habitat, and public awareness campaigns.


Types of aviculture

There are various reasons that people get involved in aviculture. Some people breed birds to preserve a species, some breed parrots as companion birds, and some breed birds to make a profit.

The truest meaning of aviculture is that described by Dr. Jean Delacour, the most influential individual aviculture has ever seen-

"Aviculture- The worldwide hobby of keeping and breeding numerous species of wild birds in captivity to maintain their numerical status in nature with a view of forestalling their extinction by supplying aviary raised stock"

Avicultural societies

There are avicultural societies throughout the world, but generally in Europe and the United States, where people tend to be more prosperous and have more leisure time to invest in such an expensive and time-consuming hobby.

Avicultural publications

Like many hobbies, there are many publications catering to aviculture, books on species as pets, books on breeding, and introductory books for parrots and softbills. There are also numerous periodicals, both generalized and specific to types of birds, although they are rarely more specific than "parrot." These periodicals contain articles on breeding, care, companionship, choosing a bird, health effects, and usually several on an individual species or genus.

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