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Sirin and Alkonost - Birds of Joy and Sorrow, by Viktor Vasnetsov.
Sirin and Alkonost - Birds of Joy and Sorrow, by Viktor Vasnetsov.


Birds in legends, mythology, and religion

  • Alkonost in Russian legends
    Ba in Egyptian mythology
    Bagucks in Chippewa mythology
    Bar Juchne in Talmud
    Camulatz in Mayan mythology
    Chamrosh in Persian mythology
    The Cu Bird (el Pájaro Cu) in Mexican folklore
    Noah's Dove in the Bible
    Feng-huang (Chinese Phoenix) in Chinese mythology
    Firebird in Native American mythologies
    Ember bird in Russian fairy tales
    Gamayun in Russian folklore
    Garuda in Buddhism and Hinduism
    Griffin in European mythology
    Hábrók, a hawk from Norse mythology
    Harpies in Greek mythology
    Hokhokw in Kwakiutl mythology
    Ho-o in Japanese, imported from Chinese; Fenghuang
    Huginn and Muninn (Thought and Memory), Odin's two companion birds in Norse mythology
    Jatayu in Hindu mythology
    Kin-u in Japanese, imported from Chinese
    Kwakwakalanooksiwae in Kwakiutl mythology
    Lightning Bird, a real or imaginary bird in southern African folklore
    Phoenix in Egyptian mythology
    Pisia in Native American mythology
    Quetzalcoatl in Aztec mythology
    Raven in Native American mythologies
    Noah's Raven in the Bible
    Roc in Persian mythology
    Samjoko in Korean mythology
    Shang-Yang (a rainbird) in Chinese mythology
    Simurgh in Persian mythology
    Sirin in Russian folklore
    Suzaku in Japanese mythology, imported from the Chinese Shu-jaku
    Tecumbalam in Maya mythology
    Thunderbird in Native American mythologies
    Xecotcovach in Maya mythology
    Yatagarasu in Japanese mythology
    Ziz in Talmud

Birds in literature

  • The albatross in Rime of the Ancient Mariner
    Archimedes (an owl) and various hawks, falcons, and white-fronted geese in The Once and Future King by T. H. White
    Billina (a chicken) in numerous Land of Oz books by L. Frank Baum
    numerous bond-birds in the Velgarth books by Mercedes Lackey, mostly raptors, usually selectively-bred for size and intelligence
    The black hen in the "Hickety, pickety" nursery rhyme
    Mr. Brown, the owl in Beatrix Potter's The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin
    Chanticleer (a rooster) and Pertelote (his favorite hen) in "The Nun's Priest's Tale" by Geoffrey Chaucer
    Chil the Kite in The Jungle Book and The Second Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling
    Crow, by Ted Hughes
    Johnny Crow, the crow star of a series of children's books illustrated by L. Leslie Brookes
    The Crow and the Oriole, one of James Thurber's fables; also, The Owl Who was God, and The Shrike and the Chipmunks
    A dove carrying a sprig flies to Noah, indicating the end of the Flood in Book of Genesis
    The E-Telekeli (a humanoid eagle) leader of the Underpeople in the works of Cordwainer Smith
    Fawkes (a phoenix) in the Harry Potter novels by J. K. Rowling
    Captain Flint (a parrot) in Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson
    The four and twenty blackbirds baked in a pie in the nursery rhyme
    Miss Goldfinch the elder and Miss Clara Goldfinch, who have a tea and coffee tavern in Beatrix Potter's The Tale of Little Pig Robinson
    Thorondor, king of the eagles in the works of J. R. R. Tolkien
    Gwaihir and Landroval, also eagles, in The Lord of the Rings, also by Tolkien
    Roäc and Cärc, two ravens from The Hobbit, also by Tolkien
    Hedwig (a snowy owl) in the Harry Potter novels by J. K. Rowling; also many other owls, used to carry messages
    Jack and Jill, the blackbirds on a hill told to fly away in the nursery rhyme
    Kaisa, the dćmon of the witch Serafina Pekkala in the His Dark Materials trilogy by Philip Pullman. His final form is a snow goose.
    Kehaar the seagull in Watership Down
    Sally Henny-penny, the chicken who re-opens the shop in Beatrix Potter's Ginger and Pickles
    Oreb (a "night chough", a fictitious crow-like species) in The Book of the Long Sun and The Book of the Short Sun by Gene Wolfe; also various hawks and "the white-headed one", some kind of vulture
    Owl (an owl) in the Winnie the Pooh books by A. A. Milne
    A sarcastic parrot belonging to the title character in Terry Pratchett's Faust Eric
    The phoenix, in E. Nesbit's The Phoenix and the Carpet
    Pickwick, a dodo from the Thursday Next series by Jasper Fforde
    "Pigeons on the grass, alas," from a poem by Gertrude Stein
    Pigeons, owls, hens, and an eagle in James Thurber's taking issue with Stein's pigeon passage – the story There's an Owl in My Room
    Pip, Beth March's unfortunate canary in Louisa May Alcott's Little Women
    Polynesia, a parrot in Hugh Lofting's Dr. Dolittle stories.
    Quoth (a raven) in the works of Terry Pratchett (a pun on The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe)
    The raven in Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven
    The robin of the "Little Robin Redbreast" nursery rhyme
    Jonathan Livingston Seagull (a gull), eponymous character in a short story by Richard Bach. The story has other gull characters as well.
    A stork (presumably a white stork) and a kingfisher (presumably a belted kingfisher) in Little, Big by John Crowley
    Tobias, a human who becomes stuck in the body of a red-tailed hawk in the Animorphs series by K. A Applegate
    The Ugly Duckling (actually a cygnet) in the story of that name by Hans Christian Andersen
    Yittleby and Yattleby (alien flightless birds called krylobos) in Wizard's Eleven and the Jinian books by Sheri S. Tepper.
    Zoltan the raven in The Gunslinger by Stephen King.
    Many species in Aesop's Fables
    Many species in The Conference of the Birds, a Persian book of poems by Farid ud-Din Attar.
    Many species in La Fontaine's fables.
    Many species in Brian Jacques's Redwall novels.
    Many species in Thornton Burgess's children's stories.
    Many species including the Ratbird in Paul Stewart's Edge Chronicles series.
    The twin white condors in The Legend of the Condor Heroes and The Return of the Condor Heroes
    The divine condor in The Return of the Condor Heroes

Birds in heraldry

Birds in Television

  • Carly, the Cardinal spokes/songbird for National Arbor Day in the U.S.
    Dahl (parrot), household pet of the Kennedy family in the Australian soap-opera Neighbours
    Fred the cockatoo in Baretta
    Owl, from Winnie the Pooh
    Rosita, Dolores and Marguerita, parrots who advertise Tropicana brand orange juice on UK television
    Tony Soprano's swimming pool ducks in The Sopranos

Birds on the radio

  • The Wise Old Bird on the planet Brontitall in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Birds in animation, comics, puppetry, and theme parks

  • The Aracuan Bird, in various Walt Disney cartoons
    Archimedes, an owl in Disney's The Sword in the Stone
    Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Lugia and Ho-oh from Pokémon
    Beaky Buzzard, a buzzard in the Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies cartoons
    Big Bird, a very big canary and Little Bird on Sesame Street
    Big Mama, an owl in the Disney film The Fox and the Hound
    Birdee, Kira Yamato's robotic pet created by Athrun Zala as a parting gift; Gundam Seed.
    Blackbird, a pirate (based on Blackbeard) in The Legend Of Anne Bunny
    Booker, a baby chick in Garfield and Friends
    Buzby, yellow bird of unspecified species in advertisements for British Telecom in the late 1970s/early 1980s
    Gallina Caponata, a big (theorical) chicken similar to Big Bird in Spanish version of Sesame Street
    Cathryn Aura and her son Nigel, vultures in Kevin and Kell
    Charlie the Owl in the New Zoo Revue
    Chicken Pig of Avatar: The Last Airbender
    Chilly Willy, a penguin in the Walter Lantz cartoons
    Cozy Heart Penguin, a Care Bears cousin
    The crows in Dumbo
    Daffy Duck, a duck in the Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies cartoons
    Darkwing Duck, of the Disney television cartoon of the same name.
    Diablo, Maleficent's raven, in Disney's animated version of Sleeping Beauty
    The last of the Dodos in Looney Tunes
    Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Huey, Dewey and Louie, Ludwig Von Drake, and Scrooge McDuck in the Walt Disney cartoons
    Duckman, a duck in the cartoon of the same name
    Flit, a hummingbird in Disney's animated version of Pocahontas
    Friend Owl, in Disney's Bambi
    Frobisher (aka Avan Tarklu), an alien shapeshifter from the Dr. Who comic strip who preferred the form of a penguin.
    Foghorn Leghorn, a rooster in the Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies cartoons
    Gogo Dodo in Tiny Toon Adventures
    The Goodfeathers (pigeons) in Animaniacs
    Graculus in Noggin the Nog
    Giant hawks flown by the Glider Elves in Elfquest comics
    The Great Bird Conspiracy in Kevin and Kell
    H. Ross Parrot on Sesame Street
    Henery Hawk, a chickenhawk in the Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies cartoons
    Howard the Duck in the comic book of the same name
    Howland Owl, and Sarcophagus MacAbre, a vulture in Walt Kelly's Pogo
    Iago, a parrot in Disney's animated version of Aladdin
    Jose Carioca, a parrot in various Walt Disney cartoons
    Jose, Michael, Pierre, and Fritz, parrot sin Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room attraction at Disney theme parks
    Kehaar the seagull in Watership Down
    Kestrel, Owl, Mr. Pheasant and several others in Animals of Farthing Wood
    Kotreeka birds in Gene Catlow
    Matthew, Dream's raven in the DC Comics Sandman series.
    Opus, a penguin in Berkeley Breathed's Bloom County
    Owls in Futurama, considered vermin in the 31st Century
    * Owl in Disney's animated versions of the Winnie the Pooh stories.
    Pen2, a penguin from Neon Genesis Evangelion.
    Panchito, a rooster in The Three Caballeros
    The penguin waiters in Mary Poppins
    Penguins in Avatar: The Last Airbender of Avatar: The Last Airbender
    The pigeons from Pigeon Street.
    Pingu, a penguin in the animated children's series of the same name (Swiss)
    Plucky Duck in Tiny Toon Adventures
    Pokey the Penguin, a penguin living in the Arctic Circle, in the webcomic of the same name
    Professor Yaffle, a Green Woodpecker in Bagpuss (UK)
    The purple falcon sidekick of Birdman
    Reptile Parrot of Avatar: The Last Airbender
    The Road Runner (a roadrunner) in the Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies cartoons
    Screaming Bird of Avatar: The Last Airbender
    Scuttle, a seagull in Disney's The Little Mermaid
    Sheldon, an unhatched chick egg, in Garfield and Friends
    Shoe, a grumpy, cigar-smoking newspaper publisher in his own comic strip
    Shirley McLoon in Tiny Toon Adventures
    Sonny (a cuckoo), a cartoon spokesbird for Cocoa Puffs cereal (USA)
    Toucan Sam, a toucan, the cartoon spokesbird for Froot Loops cereal (USA)
    Turtle Ducks of Avatar: The Last Airbender
    Tweety, a canary in the Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies cartoons
    The vultures in Disney's animated version of The Jungle Book
    The Why Bird, in BBC educational programme Playdays.
    Woodstock in the Charles Schultz's Peanuts comic strip
    Woody Woodpecker, a woodpecker in the Walter Lantz cartoons
    Yankee Doodle Pigeon in Hanna-Barbera's Dastardly and Muttley in their Flying Machines
    Yoyo, an owl in The Books of Magic comic book by Neil Gaiman and others
    Zazu, a hornbill in The Lion King.

Birds in film

  • Babs and Ginger (hens) and Fowler and Rocky (roosters) in Chicken Run
    The Crow (also made into a television series) is about a superhero named The Crow, but he associated with an actual crow
    Falcon (a falcon) and Margalo (a canary) in Stuart Little 2
    Paulie (a parrot) in the film of the same name
    The killer birds in the Hitchcock film The Birds (and the Daphne du Maurier story on which the film is based)
    Mordechai: Pet falcon of Richie Tenenbaum in The Royal Tenenbaums
    Waddlesworth (a parrot) in 102 Dalmatians
    Howard - "Howard The Duck" aka "Howard: A New Breed of Hero" (1986)
    Zazu, from The Lion King
    Iago (a parrot) from Aladdin
    Hedwig, Pigwidgeon ( owls ) from Harry Potter

Birds in music

  • Blackbird in the Beatles' Blackbird
    The Birds – British band
    The Byrds – American band
    The doves in Prince's When Doves Cry
    Free Bird by Lynyrd Skynyrd
    The old grey goose who drowned in the millpond in Go Tell Aunt Rhody
    The Kookaburra of the Australian song of the same name
    The Lark Ascending; composition by Vaughan Williams
    Mockingbird by Carly Simon and James Taylor
    The Mutton Birds – band
    The Mynah Birds – band
    The Nightingale; composition by Igor Stravinsky
    Oiseax exotiques and Catalogue d'oiseaux; organ compositions by Olivier Messiaen.
    The turkey in Turkey in the Straw
    And Your Bird Can Sing by The Beatles
    "City Bird" from the album Satanic Panic in the Attic by Of Montreal.
    Bird song in transcribed form is found in Antonio Vivaldi's The Four Seasons, Richard Wagner's Siegfried, Richard Strauss's Der Rosenkavalier, Camille Saint-Saëns's Le Carnaval des Animaux and Olivier Messiaen's Chronochromie and Coleurs de la cité céleste.
    "Bird on a Wire" by Leonard Cohen

Birds in sports

  • The Anaheim Ducks
    The Arizona Cardinals
    The Atlanta Hawks
    The Atlanta Thrashers
    The Baltimore Orioles
    The Baltimore Ravens
    The BellevueBlackhawks
    The Boston Doves (now Atlanta Braves)
    The Chicago Owls (defunct)
    The Oklahoma Thunderbirds (defunct)
    The Pittsburgh Condors (defunct)
    The Pittsburgh Penguins
    The St Louis Eagles (defunct)
    The Seattle Seahawks
    The Toronto Blue Jays

Birds in video games

  • The Chozo in the Metroid series
    Beat the Bird in Mega Man
    Chill Penguin and Storm Eagle in Mega Man X
    Overdrive Ostrich in Mega Man X2
    Cyber Peacock and Storm Owl in Mega Man X4
    Falco Lombardi in the Star Fox series
    Sgt. James Byrd in the Spyro the Dragon series, beginning with Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon
    Miscellaneous Pokémon characters, including Pidgey, Delibird, Spearow, Zapdos, and Ho-oh, among many others
    Helmaroc King and Kargorocs in the Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
    Chocobo in the Final Fantasy series
    Kaepora Gaebora in the The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
    Kazooie, the sidekick in the Banjo-Kazooie series
    Blathers, the owner of the museum in Animal Crossing
    Celeste, in Animal Crossing: Wild World. The sister of Blathers
    The Babylon Rogues of Sonic Riders
    Tiki the Kiwi from New Zealand Story

Birds in commerce

  • Granny Goose

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