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Disney cartoon ducks

Disney animators have created an entire universe of ducks; most are modeled after the Pekin duck.

Residents of Disney's Duckburg and the Donald Duck/Scrooge McDuck universes

  • Bubba the Caveduck
    Daisy Duck
    Daphne Duck
    Della Thelma Duck
    Donald Duck
    Downy O'Drake
    Eider Duck
    Fenton Crackshell
    Huey, Dewey and Louie and their lost brother Phooey Duck
    April, May and June Duck
    Humperdink Duck
    Pintail Duck
    Quackmore Duck
    Gladstone Gander
    Flintheart Glomgold
  • Clan McDuck
  • Angus McDuck
    Dingus McDuck
    Fergus McDuck
    Hortense McDuck
    Hugh McDuck
    Jake McDuck
    Malcolm McDuck
    Matilda McDuck
    Quagmire McDuck
    Scrooge McDuck
    Sir Eider McDuck
    Sir Quackly McDuck
    Sir Roast McDuck
    Sir Stuft McDuck
    Sir Swamphole McDuck
  • Launchpad McQuack
    Howard Rockerduck
    John Rockerduck

Residents of Disney's St. Canard exclusive to Darkwing Duck

  • Darkwing Duck/Drake Mallard
    Gosalyn Mallard
    Morgana Macawber

Other characters

  • Abby Mallard 'The Ugly Duckling'
    Moby Duck

Warner Brothers ducks

Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny in the famous 1952 Merrie Melodies cartoon Rabbit Seasoning.
Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny in the famous 1952 Merrie Melodies cartoon Rabbit Seasoning.
  • Daffy Duck
    Danger Duck (Loonatics Unleashed)
    Duck Dodgers
    Melissa Duck
    Plucky Duck
    Shirley the Loon- technically a loon, not a duck.

Other cartoon ducks

  • Arima Ahiru, a duck transformed into a girl in Princess Tutu.
    Baby Huey, no relation to Disney's Huey
    Bill from Sitting Ducks TV series by Canadian artist Michael Bedard
    Yakky Doodle, a Hanna-Barbera character
    Wade Duck from U.S. Acres
    Count Duckula, a vampire duck originally from the British television series Dangermouse. Count Duckula later starred in a cartoon series of his own.
    Duckman, a former USA Network animated character known for his raunchy behavior and foul mouth.
    Alfred J. Kwak, Dutch cartoon character
    Mousse from the popular manga Ranma transforms into a duck when doused with cold water.
    Turtle Ducks of Avatar: The Last Airbender
    [[1]Throwback the Duck] Classic video game journalist.

Krazy Kat

  • Gooseberry Sprig the duck duke, comic-strip character created by George Herriman, later appeared in Herriman's Krazy Kat
    Mock Duck, a fowl of Chinese descent who resembles a coolie and operates a cleaning establishment
    Mrs. Katalpa Kwakk Wakk, a duck in a pillbox hat, is a scold who frequently notices Ignatz in the course of his plotting and then informs Officer Pupp.


  • Psyduck

Live or costumed ducks on television and film

  • Plucka Duck from the Australian television show "Hey Hey it's Saturday"
    The Chick and The Duck from American sitcom Friends
    The ducks in Star Wars
    The Aflac duck
    Howard the Duck
    Doobie Duck (and his disco bus)
    Orville the Duck
    Edd the Duck
    Tom Holden

Ducks in literature and song

  • The Ugly Duckling by Hans Christian Andersen (In the end not actually a duckling, but a Cygnet)
    Jemima Puddle-Duck and her sister-in-law, Mrs. Rebeccah Puddle-Duck, in The Tale of Tom Kitten and The Tale of Jemima Puddle-Duck by Beatrix Potter
    The duck in the traditional song "Froggy would a-wooing go"; at the end it swallowed the frog
    Ping from The Story of Ping.
    Sasha from Peter and the Wolf.
    Mr. and Mrs. Mallad and their children from Robert McCloskey's Make Way for Ducklings.
    The titular ducks from Angus and the Ducks by Marjorie Flack.
    The Llama Song, even though most of it is about llamas, ducks are in it too.

Duck mascots

Wildwing, the mascot of the Anaheim Ducks.
Wildwing, the mascot of the Anaheim Ducks.
  • University of Oregon Ducks
    Stevens Institute of Technology's Attila the Duck, mascot of the Stevens Ducks
    Long Island Ducks minor league baseball team,
    National Hockey League's Anaheim Ducks (originally the Mighty Ducks, named after the Mighty Ducks movies, where a youth hockey team named themselves the Mighty Ducks)
    United Hockey League's Quad City Mallards.
    Millard the Mallard of WRVA Richmond, Virginia.
    The duck from Duck Products' adhesives.

Other media

  • Derwin, Mallary, Pate and Scoot from the Animal Crossing video-games
    Dirty Duck from the comic strip of the same name by Bobby London
    Destroyer Duck comic book
    Duckman Drake, a humanoid shotgun-wielding duck from the Timesplitters video games
    Jonathin Quackup
    Montague, a steam engine from The Railway Series by Rev. W. Awdry is better known as Duck.
    Ernie's rubber ducky from Sesame Street.
    Ty characters Jake, Quackers, Allegro, Splash, Flip Flop, Gemma, Duck-e, Puddles, and Huggyducky.
    The animated short series on Showtime titled and staring Queer Duck.

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