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White-naped Yuhina
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Aves
Order: Passeriformes
Family: Timaliidae
almost 50: see text

The Old World babblers are a large family of mostly Old World passerine birds. They are rather diverse in size and coloration, but are characterised by soft fluffy plumage. These are birds of tropical areas, with the greatest variety in southeast Asia. There is also a single New World species, the Wrentit, Chamaea fasciata. The timaliids are one of two unrelated groups of birds known as babblers, the other being the Australasian Babblers of the family Pomatostomidae (also known as pseudo-babblers).

These birds have strong legs, and many are quite terrestrial. This group is not strongly migratory, and most species have short rounded wings, and a weak flight.

The species are:

Family: Timaliidae

  • Genus Malia
    • Malia, Malia grata
  • Genus Garrulax, the laughingthrushes
    • Ashy-headed Laughingthrush, Garrulax cinereifrons
      Sunda Laughingthrush, Garrulax palliatus
      Rufous-fronted Laughingthrush, Garrulax rufifrons
      Masked Laughingthrush, Garrulax perspicillatus
      White-throated Laughingthrush, Garrulax albogularis
      White-crested Laughingthrush, Garrulax leucolophus
      Lesser Necklaced Laughingthrush, Garrulax monileger
      Greater Necklaced Laughingthrush, Garrulax pectoralis
      Black Laughingthrush, Garrulax lugubris
      Striated Laughingthrush, Garrulax striatus
      White-necked Laughingthrush, Garrulax strepitans
      Black-hooded Laughingthrush, Garrulax milleti
      Grey Laughingthrush, Garrulax maesi
      Rufous-necked Laughingthrush, Garrulax ruficollis
      Chestnut-backed Laughingthrush, Garrulax nuchalis
      Black-throated Laughingthrush, Garrulax chinensis
      White-cheeked Laughingthrush, Garrulax vassali
      Yellow-throated Laughingthrush, Garrulax galbanus
      Wynaad Laughingthrush, Garrulax delesserti
      Rufous-vented Laughingthrush, Garrulax gularis
      Pere David's Laughingthrush, Garrulax davidi
      Sukatschev's Laughingthrush, Garrulax sukatschewi
      Moustached Laughingthrush, Garrulax cineraceus
      Rufous-chinned Laughingthrush, Garrulax rufogularis
      Spotted Laughingthrush, Garrulax ocellatus
      Barred Laughingthrush, Garrulax lunulatus
      Biet's Laughingthrush, Garrulax bieti
      Giant Laughingthrush, Garrulax maximus
      Grey-sided Laughingthrush, Garrulax caerulatus
      Rusty Laughingthrush, Garrulax poecilorhynchus
      Chestnut-capped Laughingthrush, Garrulax mitratus
      Spot-breasted Laughingthrush, Garrulax merulinus
      Hwamei, Garrulax canorus
      White-browed Laughingthrush, Garrulax sannio
      Rufous-breasted Laughingthrush, Garrulax cachinnans
      Grey-breasted Laughingthrush, Garrulax jerdoni
      Streaked Laughingthrush, Garrulax lineatus
      Striped Laughingthrush, Garrulax virgatus
      Scaly Laughingthrush, Garrulax subunicolor
      Brown-capped Laughingthrush,Garrulax austeni
      Blue-winged Laughingthrush, Garrulax squamatus
      Elliot's Laughingthrush, Garrulax elliotii
      Variegated Laughingthrush, Garrulax variegatus
      Prince Henry's Laughingthrush, Garrulax henrici
      Black-faced Laughingthrush, Garrulax affinis
      White-whiskered Laughingthrush, Garrulax morrisonianus
      Chestnut-crowned Laughingthrush, Garrulax erythrocephalus
      Golden-winged Laughingthrush, Garrulax ngoclinhensis
      Collared Laughingthrush, Garrulax yersini
      Red-winged Laughingthrush, Garrulax formosus
      Red-tailed Laughingthrush, Garrulax milnei
  • Genus Liocichla, the liocichlas
    • Grey-faced Liocichla, Liocichla omeiensis
      Steere's Liocichla, Liocichla steerii
      Red-faced Liocichla, Liocichla phoenicea
      Bugun Liocichla, Liocichla bugunorum
  • Genus Modulatrix
    • Spot-throat, Modulatrix stictigula
  • Genus Arcanator
    • Dapple-throat, Arcanator orostruthus
  • Genus Trichastoma
    • White-chested Babbler, Trichastoma rostratum
      Sulawesi Babbler, Trichastoma celebense
      Ferruginous Babbler, Trichastoma bicolor
      Bagobo Babbler, Trichastoma woodi
  • Genus Malacocincla
    • Abbott's Babbler, Malacocincla abbotti
      Horsfield's Babbler, Malacocincla sepiarium
      Black-browed Babbler, Malacocincla perspicillata
      Short-tailed Babbler, Malacocincla malaccensis
      Ashy-headed Babbler, Malacocincla cinereiceps
  • Genus Pellorneum
    • Brown-capped Babbler, Pellorneum fuscocapillum
      Marsh Babbler, Pellorneum palustre
      Buff-breasted Babbler, Pellorneum tickelli
      Temminck's Babbler, Pellorneum pyrrogenys
      Spot-throated Babbler, Pellorneum albiventre
      Puff-throated Babbler, Pellorneum ruficeps
      Black-capped Babbler, Pellorneum capistratum
  • Genus Malacopteron
    • Palawan Babbler, Malacopteron palawanense
      Moustached Babbler, Malacopteron magnirostre
      Sooty-capped Babbler, Malacopteron affine
      Scaly-crowned Babbler, Malacopteron cinereum
      Rufous-crowned Babbler, Malacopteron magnum
      Grey-breasted Babbler, Malacopteron albogulare
  • Genus Illadopsis, the illadopsises
    • Blackcap Illadopsis, Illadopsis cleaveri
      Scaly-breasted Illadopsis, Illadopsis albipectus
      Rufous-winged Illadopsis, Illadopsis rufescens
      Puvel's Illadopsis, Illadopsis puveli
      Pale-breasted Illadopsis, Illadopsis rufipennis
      Brown Illadopsis, Illadopsis fulvescens
      Mountain Illadopsis, Illadopsis pyrrhoptera
      African Hill Babbler, Illadopsis abyssinica
  • Genus Kakamega
    • Grey-chested Illadopsis, Kakamega poliothorax
  • Genus Ptyrticus
    • Thrush Babbler, Ptyrticus turdinus
  • Genus Pomatorhinus, scimitar babblers
    • Large Scimitar Babbler, Pomatorhinus hypoleucos
      Spot-breasted Scimitar Babbler, Pomatorhinus erythrocnemis
      Rusty-cheeked Scimitar Babbler, Pomatorhinus erythrogenys
      Indian Scimitar Babbler, Pomatorhinus horsfieldii
      White-browed Scimitar Babbler, Pomatorhinus schisticeps
      Chestnut-backed Scimitar Babbler, Pomatorhinus montanus
      Streak-breasted Scimitar Babbler, Pomatorhinus ruficollis
      Red-billed Scimitar Babbler, Pomatorhinus ochraceiceps
      Coral-billed Scimitar Babbler, Pomatorhinus ferruginosus
  • Genus Xiphirhynchus, scimitar-babblers
    • Slender-billed Scimitar Babbler, Xiphirhynchus superciliaris
  • Genus Jabouilleia, scimitar-babblers
    • Short-tailed Scimitar Babbler, Jabouilleia danjoui
  • Genus Rimator, wren-babblers
    • Long-billed Wren-babbler, Rimator malacoptilus
  • Genus Ptilocichla, wren-babblers
    • Bornean Wren-babbler, Ptilocichla leucogrammica
      Striated Wren-babbler, Ptilocichla mindanensis
      Falcated Wren-babbler, Ptilocichla falcata
  • Genus Kenopia, wren-babblers
    • Striped Wren-babbler, Kenopia striata
  • Genus Napothera, wren-babblers
    • Large Wren-babbler, Napothera macrodactyla
      Rusty-breasted Wren-babbler, Napothera rufipectus
      Black-throated Wren-babbler, Napothera atrigularis
      Marbled Wren-babbler, Napothera marmorata
      Limestone Wren-babbler, Napothera crispifrons
      Streaked Wren-babbler, Napothera brevicaudata
      Mountain Wren-babbler, Napothera crassa
      Luzon Wren-babbler, Napothera rabori
      Eyebrowed Wren-babbler, Napothera epilepidota
  • Genus Pnoepyga, wren-babblers
    • Scaly-breasted Wren-babbler, Pnoepyga albiventer
      Immaculate Wren-babbler, Pnoepyga immaculata
      Pygmy Wren-babbler, Pnoepyga pusilla
  • Genus Spelaeornis, wren-babblers
    • Rufous-throated Wren-babbler, Spelaeornis caudatus
      Mishmi Wren-babbler, Spelaeornis badeigularis
      Bar-winged Wren-babbler, Spelaeornis troglodytoides
      Spotted Wren-babbler, Spelaeornis formosus
      Long-tailed Wren-babbler, Spelaeornis chocolatinus
      Tawny-breasted Wren-babbler, Spelaeornis longicaudatus
      Wedge-billed Wren-babbler, Sphenocichla humei
  • Genus Neomixis, jerys
    • Common Jery, Neomixis tenella
      Green Jery, Neomixis viridis
      Stripe-throated Jery, Neomixis striatigula
  • Genus Hartertula
    • Wedge-tailed Jery, Hartertula flavoviridis
  • Genus Stachyris
    • Deignan's Babbler, Stachyris rodolphei
      Buff-chested Babbler, Stachyris ambigua
      Rufous-fronted Babbler, Stachyris rufifrons
      Rufous-capped Babbler, Stachyris ruficeps
      Black-chinned Babbler, Stachyris pyrrhops
      Golden Babbler, Stachyris chrysaea
      Pygmy Babbler, Stachyris plateni
      Golden-crowned Babbler, Stachyris dennistouni
      Black-crowned Babbler, Stachyris nigrocapitata
      Rusty-crowned Babbler, Stachyris capitalis
      Flame-templed Babbler, Stachyris speciosa
      Chestnut-faced Babbler, Stachyris whiteheadi
      Luzon Striped Babbler, Stachyris striata
      Panay Striped Babbler, Stachyris latistriata
      Negros Striped Babbler, Stachyris nigrorum
      Palawan Striped Babbler, Stachyris hypogrammica
      White-breasted Babbler, Stachyris grammiceps
      Sooty Babbler, Stachyris herberti
      Grey-throated Babbler, Stachyris nigriceps
      Grey-headed Babbler, Stachyris poliocephala
      Snowy-throated Babbler, Stachyris oglei
      Spot-necked Babbler, Stachyris striolata
      White-necked Babbler, Stachyris leucotis
      Black-throated Babbler, Stachyris nigricollis
      White-bibbed Babbler, Stachyris thoracica
      Chestnut-rumped Babbler, Stachyris maculata
      Chestnut-winged Babbler, Stachyris erythroptera
      Crescent-chested Babbler, Stachyris melanothorax
  • Genus Dumetia
    • Tawny-bellied Babbler, Dumetia hyperythra
  • Genus Rhopocichla
    • Dark-fronted Babbler, Rhopocichla atriceps
  • Genus Macronous, tit-babblers
    • Striped Tit-babbler, Macronous gularis
      Grey-cheeked Tit-babbler, Macronous flavicollis
      Grey-faced Tit-babbler, Macronous kelleyi
      Brown Tit-babbler, Macronous striaticeps
      Fluffy-backed Tit-babbler, Macronous ptilosus
      Miniature Tit-babbler, Micromacronus leytensis
  • Genus Timalia
    • Chestnut-capped Babbler, Timalia pileata
  • Genus Chrysomma
    • Yellow-eyed Babbler, Chrysomma sinense
      Jerdon's Babbler, Chrysomma altirostre
      Rufous-tailed Babbler, Chrysomma poecilotis
  • Genus Turdoides
    • Spiny Babbler, Turdoides nipalensis
      Iraq Babbler, Turdoides altirostris
      Common Babbler, Turdoides caudatus
      Striated Babbler, Turdoides earlei
      White-throated Babbler, Turdoides gularis
      Slender-billed Babbler, Turdoides longirostris
      Large Grey Babbler, Turdoides malcolmi
      Arabian Babbler, Turdoides squamiceps
      Fulvous Chatterer, Turdoides fulvus
      Scaly Chatterer, Turdoides aylmeri
      Rufous Chatterer, Turdoides rubiginosus
      Rufous Babbler, Turdoides subrufus
      Jungle Babbler, Turdoides striatus
      Orange-billed Babbler, Turdoides rufescens
      Yellow-billed Babbler, Turdoides affinis
      Blackcap Babbler, Turdoides reinwardtii
      Dusky Babbler, Turdoides tenebrosus
      Black-lored Babbler, Turdoides melanops
      Scaly Babbler, Turdoides squamulatus
      White-rumped Babbler, Turdoides leucopygius
      Southern Pied Babbler, Turdoides bicolor
      Northern Pied Babbler, Turdoides hypoleucus
      Hinde's Pied Babbler, Turdoides hindei
      Cretzschmar's Babbler, Turdoides leucocephalus
      Brown Babbler, Turdoides plebejus
      Arrow-marked Babbler, Turdoides jardineii
      Bare-cheeked Babbler, Turdoides gymnogenys
  • Genus Babax, the babaxes
    • Chinese Babax, Babax lanceolatus
      Giant Babax, Babax waddelli
      Tibetan Babax, Babax koslowi
  • Genus Leiothrix
    • Silver-eared Mesia, Leiothrix argentauris
      Red-billed Leiothrix, Leiothrix lutea
  • Genus Cutia
    • Cutia, Cutia nipalensis
  • Genus Pteruthius, shrike-babblers
    • Black-headed Shrike-babbler, Pteruthius rufiventer
      White-browed Shrike-babbler, Pteruthius flaviscapis
      Green Shrike-babbler, Pteruthius xanthochlorus
      Black-eared Shrike-babbler, Pteruthius melanotis
      Chestnut-fronted Shrike-babbler, Pteruthius aenobarbus
  • Genus Gampsorhynchus
    • White-hooded Babbler, Gampsorhynchus rufulus
  • Genus Actinodura, the barwings
    • Rusty-fronted Barwing, Actinodura egertoni
      Spectacled Barwing, Actinodura ramsayi
      Black-crowned Barwing, Actinodura sodangorum
      Hoary-throated Barwing, Actinodura nipalensis
      Streak-throated Barwing, Actinodura waldeni
      Streaked Barwing, Actinodura souliei
      Taiwan Barwing, Actinodura morrisoniana
  • Genus Minla, the minlas
    • Blue-winged Minla, Minla cyanouroptera
      Chestnut-tailed Minla, Minla strigula
      Red-tailed Minla, Minla ignotincta
  • Genus Alcippe, the fulvettas
    • Golden-breasted Fulvetta, Alcippe chrysotis
      Gold-fronted Fulvetta, Alcippe variegaticeps
      Yellow-throated Fulvetta, Alcippe cinerea
      Rufous-winged Fulvetta, Alcippe castaneceps
      White-browed Fulvetta, Alcippe vinipectus
      Chinese Fulvetta, Alcippe striaticollis
      Spectacled Fulvetta, Alcippe ruficapilla
      Streak-throated Fulvetta, Alcippe cinereiceps
      Ludlow's Fulvetta, Alcippe ludlowi
      Rufous-throated Fulvetta, Alcippe rufogularis
      Dusky Fulvetta, Alcippe brunnea
      Rusty-capped Fulvetta, Alcippe dubia
      Brown Fulvetta, Alcippe brunneicauda
      Brown-cheeked Fulvetta, Alcippe poioicephala
      Grey-cheeked Fulvetta, Alcippe morrisonia
      Javan Fulvetta, Alcippe pyrrhoptera
      Mountain Fulvetta, Alcippe peracensis
      Nepal Fulvetta, Alcippe nipalensis
  • Genus Lioptilus
    • Bush Blackcap, Lioptilus nigricapillus
  • Genus Kupeornis, the mountain-babblers
    • White-throated Mountain Babbler, Kupeornis gilberti
      Red-collared Mountain Babbler, Kupeornis rufocinctus
      Chapin's Mountain Babbler, Kupeornis chapini
  • Genus Parophasma
    • Abyssinian Catbird, Parophasma galinieri
  • Genus Phyllanthus
    • Capuchin Babbler, Phyllanthus atripennis
  • Genus Crocias, the crociass
    • Grey-crowned Crocias, Crocias langbianis
      Spotted Crocias, Crocias albonotatus
  • Genus Heterophasia, the sibias
    • Rufous-backed Sibia, Heterophasia annectens
      Rufous Sibia, Heterophasia capistrata
      Grey Sibia, Heterophasia gracilis
      Black-backed Sibia, Heterophasia melanoleuca
      Black-headed Sibia, Heterophasia desgodinsi
      White-eared Sibia, Heterophasia auricularis
      Beautiful Sibia, Heterophasia pulchella
      Long-tailed Sibia, Heterophasia picaoides
  • Genus Yuhina, the yuhinas
    • Striated Yuhina, Yuhina castaniceps
      Chestnut-crested Yuhina, Yuhina everetti
      White-naped Yuhina, Yuhina bakeri
      Whiskered Yuhina, Yuhina flavicollis
      Burmese Yuhina, Yuhina humilis
      Stripe-throated Yuhina, Yuhina gularis
      White-collared Yuhina, Yuhina diademata
      Rufous-vented Yuhina, Yuhina occipitalis
      Taiwan Yuhina, Yuhina brunneiceps
      Black-chinned Yuhina, Yuhina nigrimenta
      White-bellied Yuhina, Yuhina zantholeuca
  • Genus Myzornis
    • Fire-tailed Myzornis, Myzornis pyrrhoura
  • Genus Oxylabes
    • White-throated Oxylabes, Oxylabes madagascariensis
  • Genus Crossleyia
    • Yellow-browed Oxylabes, Crossleyia xanthophrys
  • Genus Chamaea
    • Wrentit, Chamaea fasciata

The genus Mystacornis is now classified as a vanga.

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