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Furnarius rufus
Furnarius rufus
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Aves
Order: Passeriformes
Family: Furnariidae
Many, see text.

Ovenbirds or furnariids comprise a large family of small sub-oscine passerine bird species found in Central and South America. They form the family Furnariidae. They should not be confused with the Ovenbird, Seiurus aurocapillus, which is a wood warbler in the family Parulidae.

This is a diverse group of insectivores which gets its name from the elaborate "oven-like" clay nests built by some species, although others build stick nests or nest in tunnels or clefts in rock. The Spanish word for "oven" gives the conspicuous horneros their name. Furnariid nests are always constructed with a cover, and up to six pale blue, greenish or white eggs are laid. Most species are forest birds, but some are found in more open habitats.



Recently, the woodcreepers (formerly Dendrocolaptidae) were merged into this family.

The systematics of the Dendrocolaptinae were reviewed by Rajkow (1994) based on morphology and by Irestedt et al. (2004) based on analysis of nuclear and mitochondrial DNA. Using the latter approach, the suspected major lineages of the Furnariinae (foilage-gleaners, spinetails, and true ovenbirds) were confirmed, but some new lineages were discovered and the relationships of several genera had to be revised (Fjeldså et al., 2005).

The taxonomic arrangement presented below is based on a synthesis of current data (e.g. Cheviron et al., 2005). Many species or entire genera have not been sampled to analyze DNA sequences, and as the recent studies have discovered that convergent evolution is commonplace in the family, it seems not advisable to place them in the taxonomic sequence without further research. Several genera are in need of revision too.

Subfamily Sclerurinae

Miners and leaftossers

  • Genus Geositta - miners
  • Genus Sclerurus - leaftossers

Subfamily Dendrocolaptinae - Woodcreepers

Tribe Xenopini - xenops

  • Genus Megaxenops - Great Xenops
    Genus Xenops

Tribe Dendrocolaptini - true woodcreepers

  • Genus Glyphorynchus - Wedge-billed Woodcreeper
    Genus Dendrocincla
    Genus Deconychura
    Genus Sittasomus - Olivaceous Woodcreeper
    Genus Nasica - Long-billed Woodcreeper
    Genus Dendrexetastes - Cinnamon-throated Woodcreeper
    Genus Dendrocolaptes
    Genus Hylexetastes
    Genus Xiphocolaptes
    Genus Campylorhamphus
    Genus Drymornis - Scimitar-billed Woodcreeper
    Genus Lepidocolaptes
    Genus Dendroplex - formerly in Xiphorhynchus
    Genus Xiphorhynchus (possibly polyphyletic)

Subfamily Furnariinae

Horneros and allies

Tribe "Berlepschiini" - Palmcreeper (possibly distinct subfamily)

  • Genus Berlepschia

Tribe Philydorini - foilage-gleaners and allies

  • Foilage-gleaners
    • Genus Philydor
      Genus Automolus
  • Genus Thripadectes - treehunters

Tribe "Margarornini" - treerunners

  • Genus Margarornis

Tribe Furnarini - true ovenbirds

  • Genus Furnarius - horneros
    Genus Upucerthia
    Genus Cinclodes - cinclodes

Tribe Synallaxini - spinetails and allies

  • Genus Leptasthenura - tit-spinetails
    Genus Phacellodomus - thornbirds
    Genus Anumbius - Firewood-gatherer
    Genus Coryphistera - Brushrunner
    Genus Asthenes - canasteros
  • Spinetails
    • Genus Cranioleuca
      Genus Synallaxis
      Genus Poecilurus

Affiliations undetermined

  • Genus Lochmias - Streamcreeper (Sclerurinae or "Margaronini"?)
    Genus Heliobletus - Sharp-billed Treehunter (probably Xenopini)
    Genus Pseudocolaptes - tuftedcheeks (possibly "Berlepschiini")
    Genus Anabacerthia (probably Philydorini)
    Genus Syndactyla (probably Philydorini)
    Genus Simoxenops - recurvebills (probably Philydorini)
    Genus Ancistrops - Hookbill (probably Philydorini)
    Genus Hyloctistes - Woodhaunter (probably Philydorini)
    Genus Anabazenops (probably Philydorini)
    Genus Cichlocolaptes - Pale-browed Treehunter (probably Philydorini)
    Genus Hylocryptus (possibly Philydorini)
  • Barbtails (probably "Margaronini")
    • Genus Premnornis
      Genus Premnoplex
      Genus Roraimia
  • Genus Ochetorhynchus (probably Furnarini)
    Genus Eremobius - Band-tailed Earthcreeper (probably Furnarini)
    Genus Chilia - Chilia (probably Furnarini)
    Genus Clibanornis - Groundcreeper (possibly Furnarini)
    Genus Limnornis - reedhaunters (possibly Synallaxini)
    Genus Phleocryptes - Rushbird
    Genus Aphrastura - rayaditos (possibly Synallaxini)
    Genus Spartonoica - Wren-spinetail (possibly Synallaxini)
    Genus Sylviorthorhynchus - Wiretail (possibly Synallaxini)
  • Thistletails (probably Synallaxini)
    • Genus Schizoeaca
      Genus Oreophylax
      Genus Schoeniophylax
      Genus Siptornopsis
      Genus Gyalophylax
      Genus Hellmayrea
      Genus Certhiaxis
      Genus Thripophaga
  • Genus Siptornis - Prickletail
    Genus Metopothrix - Plushcrown
    Genus Xenerpestes - graytails
    Genus Acrobatornis - Graveteiro
    Genus Pseudoseisura - cacholotes
    Genus Pygarrhichas - White-throated Treerunner


  • Cheviron, Z. A.; Capparella, Angelo P.; Vuilleumier, François (2005): Molecular phylogenetic relationships among the Geositta miners (Furnariidae) and biogeographic implications for avian speciation in Fuego-Patagonia. Auk 122(1): 158–174. DOI: 10.1642/0004-8038(2005)122[0158:MPRATG]2.0.CO;2 HTML abstract
  • Fjeldså, Jon; Irestedt, Martin & Ericson, Per G. P. (2005): Molecular data reveal some major adaptational shifts in the early evolution of the most diverse avian family, the Furnariidae. Journal of Ornithology 146: 1–13. [English with German abstract] DOI:10.1007/s10336-004-0054-5 (HTML abstract) PDF fulltext
  • Irestedt, Martin; Fjeldså, Jon & Ericson, Per G. P. (2004): Phylogenetic relationships of woodcreepers (Aves: Dendrocolaptinae) - incongruence between molecular and morphological data. Journal of Avian Biology 35(3): 280-288. DOI:10.1111/j.0908-8857.2004.03234.x (HTML abstract)
  • Rajkow, Robert J. (1994): A phylogeny of the woodcreepers (Dendrocolaptinae). Auk 111(1): 104–114. PDF fulltext

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