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House Sparrow
House Sparrow
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Aves
Order: Passeriformes
Suborder: Passeri
Parvorder: Passerida
Many, see text

Passerida is under the Sibley-Ahlquist taxonomy, one of two parvorders contained within the suborder Passeri. While more recent research suggests that its sister parvorder, Corvida is not a singular grouping, the existence of Passerida as a distince clade is well accepted.


  • Alaudidae: larks
    Chloropseidae: leafbirds
    Aegithinidae: ioras
    Picathartidae: rockfowl
    Bombycillidae: waxwings and allies
    Ptilogonatidae: silky flycatchers
    Cinclidae: dippers
    Motacillidae: wagtails and pipits
    Prunellidae: accentor
    Melanocharitidae: berrypeckers and longbills
    Paramythiidae: tit berrypecker and crested berrypeckers
    Passeridae: true sparrows
    Estrildidae: estrildid finches (waxbills, munias, etc)
    Parulidae: New World warblers
    Thraupidae: tanagers and allies
    Peucedramidae: Olive Warbler
    Fringillidae: true finches
    Drepanididae: Hawaiian honeycreepers
    Emberizidae: buntings and American sparrows
    Nectariniidae: sunbirds
    Dicaeidae: flowerpeckers
    Mimidae: mockingbirds and thrashers
    Sittidae: nuthatches
    Certhiidae: treecreepers
    Troglodytidae: wrens
    Polioptilidae: gnatcatchers
    Paridae: tits, chickadees and titmice
    Aegithalidae: long-tailed tits
    Hirundinidae: swallows and martins
    Regulidae: kinglets
    Pycnonotidae: bulbuls
    Sylviidae: Old World warblers
    Hypocoliidae: Hypocolius
    Cisticolidae: cisticolas and allies
    Zosteropidae: White-eyes
    Timaliidae: babblers
    Muscicapidae: Old World flycatchers and chats
    Turdidae: thrushes and allies
    Sturnidae: starlings

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