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A cultivated S. canaria
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Aves
Order: Passeriformes
Family: Fringillidae
Genus: Serinus
Koch, 1816
See text.

The genus Serinus is a large genus of birds in the finch family Fringillidae. It includes the canaries, seedeaters and the African siskins.

The full list of species is:

  • Red-fronted Serin, Serinus pusillus
    European Serin, Serinus serinus
    Syrian Serin, Serinus syriacus
    Canary, Serinus canaria
    Tibetan Serin, Serinus thibetanus
    Cape Canary, Serinus canicollis
    Abyssinian Siskin, Serinus nigriceps
    African Citril, Serinus citrinelloides
    Black-faced Canary, Serinus capistratus
    Papyrus Canary, Serinus koliensis
    Forest Canary, Serinus scotops
    White-rumped Seedeater, Serinus leucopygius
    Olive-rumped Serin, Serinus rothschildi
    Yellow-throated Serin, Serinus flavigula
    Salvadori's Serin, Serinus xantholaemus
    Black-throated Canary, Serinus atrogularis
    Yellow-rumped Serin, Serinus xanthopygius
    Lemon-breasted Seedeater, Serinus citrinipectus
    Yellow-fronted Canary, Serinus mozambicus
    Northern Grosbeak-canary, Serinus donaldsoni
    Southern Grosbeak-canary, Serinus buchanani
    White-bellied Canary, Serinus dorsostriatus
    Yellow Canary, Serinus flaviventris
    Brimstone Canary, Serinus sulphuratus
    Reichard's Seedeater, Serinus reichardi
    White-throated Canary, Serinus albogularis
    Streaky-headed Seedeater, Serinus gularis
    Black-eared Seedeater, Serinus mennelli
    Brown-rumped Seedeater, Serinus tristriatus
    Yemen Serin, Serinus menachensis
    Ankober Serin, Serinus ankoberensis
    Streaky Seedeater, Serinus striolatus
    Thick-billed Seedeater, Serinus burtoni
    Principe Seedeater, Serinus rufobrunneus
    Protea Canary, Serinus leucopterus
    Cape Siskin, Serinus totta
    Drakensberg Siskin, Serinus symonsi
    Black-headed Canary, Serinus alario
    Mountain Serin, Serinus estherae

The Citril Finch, and the Corsican Finch are now placed in the genus Carduelis as Carduelis citrinella and Carduelis corsicana (Arnaiz-Villena et al., 1998).


  • Arnaiz-Villena, A.; Álvarez-Tejado, M.; Ruiz-del-Valle, V.; García-de-la-Torre, C.; Varela, P.; Recio, M. J.; Ferre. S. & Martínez-Laso, J. (1998): Phylogeny and rapid Northern and Southern Hemisphere speciation of goldfinches during the Miocene and Pliocene Epochs. Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences 54: 1031–1041. DOI:10.1007/s000180050230 (article, PDF fulltext) DOI:10.1007/s000180050280 (erratum, PDF fulltext)

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