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Typical owls
Great Horned Owl
Great Horned Owl
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Aves
Order: Strigiformes
Family: Strigidae
Vigors, 1825
Aegolius: saw-whet owls
Asio: eared owls
Bubo: horned owls
Glaucidium: pygmy owls
Micrathene: elf owls
Otus: scops owls
Pyrroglaux: palau owls
Strix: earless owls
Surnia: hawk owls

Typical owls (family Strigidae) are one of the two generally accepted families of owls, the other being the barn owls (family Tytonidae).

The nearly 200 species are, in taxonomic order:

  • White-fronted Scops Owl, Otus sagittatus
    Andaman Scops Owl, Otus balli
    Reddish Scops Owl, Otus rufescens
    Serendib Scops Owl, Otus thilohoffmanni
    Sandy Scops Owl, Otus icterorhynchus
    Sokoke Scops Owl, Otus ireneae
    Flores Scops Owl, Otus alfredi
    Mountain Scops Owl, Otus spilocephalus
    Rajah Scops Owl, Otus brookii
    Javan Scops Owl, Otus angelinae
    Mentawai Scops Owl, Otus mentawi
    Indian Scops Owl, Otus bakkamoena
    Collared Scops Owl, Otus (bakkamoena) lettia
    Sunda Scops Owl, Otus lempiji
    Japanese Scops Owl, Otus semitorques
    Wallace's Scops Owl, Otus silvicola
    Palawan Scops Owl, Otus fuliginosus
    Philippine Scops Owl, Otus megalotis
    Mindanao Scops Owl, Otus mirus
    Luzon Scops Owl, Otus longicornis
    Mindoro Scops Owl, Otus mindorensis
    Pallid Scops Owl, Otus brucei
    African Scops Owl, Otus senegalensis
    European Scops Owl, Otus scops
    Oriental Scops Owl, Otus sunia
    Flammulated Owl, Otus flammeolus
    Moluccan Scops Owl, Otus magicus
    Mantanani Scops Owl, Otus mantananensis
    Ryukyu Scops Owl, Otus elegans
    Sulawesi Scops Owl, Otus manadensis
    Sangihe Scops Owl, Otus collari
    Biak Scops Owl, Otus beccarii
    Seychelles Scops Owl, Otus insularis
    Simeulue Scops Owl, Otus umbra
    Enggano Scops Owl, Otus enganensis
    Nicobar Scops Owl, Otus alius
    Pemba Scops Owl, Otus pembaensis
    Comoro Scops Owl, Otus pauliani
    Anjouan Scops Owl, Otus capnodes
    Moheli Scops Owl, Otus moheliensis
    Mayotte Scops Owl, Otus mayottensis
    Malagasy Scops Owl, Otus rutilus
    Torotoroka Scops Owl, Otus madagascariensis
    Sao Tome Scops Owl, Otus hartlaubi
    Western Screech Owl, Otus kennicottii
    Balsas Screech Owl, Otus seductus
    Pacific Screech Owl, Otus cooperi
    Whiskered Screech Owl, Otus trichopsis
    Eastern Screech Owl, Otus asio
    Tropical Screech Owl, Otus choliba
    Koepcke's Screech Owl, Otus koepckeae
    West Peruvian Screech Owl, Otus roboratus
    Bare-shanked Screech Owl, Otus clarkii
    Bearded Screech Owl, Otus barbarus
    Rufescent Screech Owl, Otus ingens
    Colombian Screech Owl, Otus colombianus
    Cinnamon Screech Owl, Otus petersoni
    Cloud-forest Screech Owl, Otus marshalli
    Tawny-bellied Screech Owl, Otus watsonii
    Guatemalan Screech Owl, Otus guatemalae
    Vermiculated Screech Owl, Otus vermiculatus
    Hoy's Screech Owl, Otus hoyi
    Variable Screech Owl, Otus atricapillus
    Long-tufted Screech Owl, Otus sanctaecatarinae
    Puerto Rican Screech Owl, Otus nudipes
    White-throated Screech Owl, Otus albogularis
    Palau Owl, Pyrroglaux podarginus
    Cuban Screech Owl, Gymnoglaux lawrencii
    Northern White-faced Owl, Ptilopsis leucotis
    Southern White-faced Owl, Ptilopsis granti
    Mindanao Eagle Owl, Mimizuku gurneyi

See horned owl for more on the following horned and eagle owls.

  • Great Horned Owl, Bubo virginianus
    Magellanic Horned Owl, Bubo magellanicus
    Eurasian Eagle Owl, Bubo bubo
    Rock Eagle Owl, Bubo bengalensis
    Pharaoh Eagle Owl, Bubo ascalaphus
    Cape Eagle Owl, Bubo capensis
    Spotted Eagle Owl, Bubo africanus
    Grayish Eagle Owl, Bubo cinerascens
    Fraser's Eagle Owl, Bubo poensis
    Usambara Eagle Owl, Bubo vosseleri
    Spot-bellied Eagle Owl, Bubo nipalensis
    Barred Eagle Owl, Bubo sumatranus
    Shelley's Eagle Owl, Bubo shelleyi
    Verreaux's Eagle Owl, Bubo lacteus
    Dusky Eagle Owl, Bubo coromandus
    Akun Eagle Owl, Bubo leucostictus
    Philippine Eagle Owl, Bubo philippensis
    Blakiston's Fish Owl, Bubo blakistoni
    Brown Fish Owl, Bubo zeylonensis
    Tawny Fish Owl, Bubo flavipes
    Buffy Fish Owl, Bubo ketupu
    Snowy Owl, Bubo scandiaca
    Pel's Fishing Owl, Scotopelia peli
    Rufous Fishing Owl, Scotopelia ussheri
    Vermiculated Fishing Owl, Scotopelia bouvieri
Tawny Owl
  • Spotted Wood Owl, Strix seloputo
    Mottled Wood Owl, Strix ocellata
    Brown Wood Owl, Strix leptogrammica
    Tawny Owl, Strix aluco
    Hume's Owl, Strix butleri
    Spotted Owl, Strix occidentalis
    Barred Owl, Strix varia
    Fulvous Owl, Strix fulvescens
    Rusty-barred Owl, Strix hylophila
    Rufous-legged Owl, Strix rufipes
    Chaco Owl, Strix chacoensis
    Ural Owl, Strix uralensis
    Pere David's Owl, Strix davidi
    Great Grey Owl, Strix nebulosa
    African Wood Owl, Strix woodfordii
    Mottled Owl, Ciccaba virgata
    Black-and-white Owl, Ciccaba nigrolineata
    Black-banded Owl, Ciccaba huhula
    Rufous-banded Owl, Ciccaba albitarsis
    Crested Owl, Lophostrix cristata
    Maned Owl, Jubula lettii
    Spectacled Owl, Pulsatrix perspicillata
    Tawny-browed Owl, Pulsatrix koeniswaldiana
    Band-bellied Owl, Pulsatrix melanota
    Northern Hawk Owl, Surnia ulula
    Eurasian Pygmy Owl, Glaucidium passerinum
    Collared Owlet, Glaucidium brodiei
    Pearl-spotted Owlet, Glaucidium perlatum
    Northern Pygmy Owl, Glaucidium californicum
    Mountain Pygmy Owl, Glaucidium gnoma
    Guatemalan Pygmy Owl, Glaucidium cobanense
    Cape Pygmy Owl, Glaucidium hoskinsii
    Costa Rican Pygmy Owl, Glaucidium costaricanum
    Cloud-forest Pygmy Owl, Glaucidium nubicola
    Andean Pygmy Owl, Glaucidium jardinii
    Colima Pygmy Owl, Glaucidium palmarum
    Tamaulipas Pygmy Owl, Glaucidium sanchezi
    Central American Pygmy Owl, Glaucidium griseiceps
    Subtropical Pygmy Owl, Glaucidium parkeri
    Yungas Pygmy Owl, Glaucidium bolivianum
    Amazonian Pygmy Owl, Glaucidium hardyi
    Least Pygmy Owl, Glaucidium minutissimum
    Ferruginous Pygmy Owl, Glaucidium brasilianum
    Tucuman Pygmy Owl, Glaucidium tucumanum
    Peruvian Pygmy Owl, Glaucidium peruanum
    Austral Pygmy Owl, Glaucidium nanum
    Cuban Pygmy Owl, Glaucidium siju
    Red-chested Owlet, Glaucidium tephronotum
    Sjostedt's Owlet, Glaucidium sjostedti
    Asian Barred Owlet, Glaucidium cuculoides
    Javan Owlet, Glaucidium castanopterum
    Jungle Owlet, Glaucidium radiatum
    Chestnut-backed Owlet, Glaucidium castanonotum
    African Barred Owlet, Glaucidium capense
    Chestnut Owlet, Glaucidium castaneum
    Albertine Owlet, Glaucidium albertinum
    Long-whiskered Owlet, Xenoglaux loweryi
    Elf Owl, Micrathene whitneyi
    Burrowing Owl, Athene cunicularia
    Spotted Owlet, Athene brama
    Forest Owlet, Athene blewitti
    Little Owl, Athene noctua
    Tengmalm's Owl or Boreal Owl, Aegolius funereus
    Northern Saw-whet Owl, Aegolius acadicus
    Unspotted Saw-whet Owl, Aegolius ridgwayi
    Buff-fronted Owl, Aegolius harrisii
    Rufous Owl, Ninox rufa
    Powerful Owl, Ninox strenua
    Barking Owl, Ninox connivens
    Sumba Boobook, Ninox rudolfi
    Southern Boobook, Ninox novaeseelandiae, sometimes split as
    Morepork, Ninox novaeseelandiae,
    Southern Boobook, Ninox boobook
    Andaman Hawk Owl, Ninox affinis
    Brown Hawk Owl, Ninox scutulata
    White-browed Owl, Ninox superciliaris
    Philippine Hawk Owl, Ninox philippensis
    Ochre-bellied Hawk Owl, Ninox ochracea
    Cinnabar Hawk Owl, Ninox ios
    Moluccan Hawk Owl, Ninox squamipila
    Christmas Island Hawk Owl, Ninox natalis
    Jungle Hawk Owl, Ninox theomacha
    Manus Hawk Owl, Ninox meeki
    Speckled Hawk Owl, Ninox punctulata
    Bismarck Hawk Owl, Ninox variegata
    New Britain Hawk Owl, Ninox odiosa
    Solomon Hawk Owl, Ninox jacquinoti
    Papuan Hawk Owl, Uroglaux dimorpha
    Jamaican Owl, Pseudoscops grammicus
    Striped Owl, Pseudoscops clamator
    Stygian Owl, Asio stygius
    Long-eared Owl, Asio otus
    African Long-eared Owl, Asio abyssinicus
    Madagascar Long-eared Owl, Asio madagascariensis
    Short-eared Owl, Asio flammeus
    Marsh Owl, Asio capensis
    Fearful Owl, Nesasio solomonensis

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