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Bell's Vireo
Bell's Vireo
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Aves
Order: Passeriformes
Family: Vireonidae
Swainson, 1837
  • Vireo
  • Hylophilus
  • Vireolanius
  • Cyclarhis

The vireos are a group of small to medium sized passerine birds restricted to the New World. They are typically greenish in colour and resemble wood warblers apart from their heavier bills.

The four genera of these insectivorous birds make up the family Vireonidae, and are believed to be related to the New World warblers in the family Parulidae.

The four genera can be conveniently categorised as the true vireos, the greenlets, the shrike-vireos and the peppershrikes.


  • Genus Vireo, the true vireos
    • Slaty Vireo, Vireo brevipennis
      White-eyed Vireo, Vireo griseus
      Thick-billed Vireo, Vireo crassirostris
      Mangrove Vireo, Vireo pallens
      Cozumel Vireo, Vireo bairdi
      St. Andrew Vireo, Vireo caribaeus
      Jamaican Vireo, Vireo modestus
      Cuban Vireo, Vireo gundlachii
      Puerto Rican Vireo, Vireo latimeri
      Flat-billed Vireo, Vireo nanus
      Bell's Vireo, Vireo bellii
      Black-capped Vireo, Vireo atricapillus
      Dwarf Vireo, Vireo nelsoni
      Gray Vireo, Vireo vicinior
      Blue Mountain Vireo, Vireo osburni
      Yellow-throated Vireo, Vireo flavifrons
      Plumbeous Vireo, Vireo plumbeus
      Cassin's Vireo, Vireo cassinii
      Blue-headed Vireo, Vireo solitarius
      Yellow-winged Vireo, Vireo carmioli
      Hutton's Vireo, Vireo huttoni
      Warbling Vireo, Vireo gilvus
      Brown-capped Vireo, Vireo leucophrys
      Philadelphia Vireo, Vireo philadelphicus
      Red-eyed Vireo, Vireo olivaceus
      Choco Vireo, Vireo masteri
      Golden Vireo, Vireo hypochryseus
      Yellow-green Vireo, Vireo flavoviridis
      Noronha Vireo, Vireo gracilirostris
      Black-whiskered Vireo, Vireo altiloquus
      Yucatan Vireo, Vireo magister
  • Genus Hylophilus, the greenlets
    • Rufous-crowned Greenlet, Hylophilus poicilotis
      Gray-eyed Greenlet, Hylophilus amaurocephalus
      Lemon-chested Greenlet, Hylophilus thoracicus
      Gray-chested Greenlet, Hylophilus semicinereus
      Ashy-headed Greenlet, Hylophilus pectoralis
      Tepui Greenlet, Hylophilus sclateri
      Buff-cheeked Greenlet, Hylophilus muscicapinus
      Brown-headed Greenlet, Hylophilus brunneiceps
      Dusky-capped Greenlet, Hylophilus hypoxanthus
      Rufous-naped Greenlet, Hylophilus semibrunneus
      Olivaceous Greenlet, Hylophilus olivaceus
      Scrub Greenlet, Hylophilus flavipes
      Tawny-crowned Greenlet, Hylophilus ochraceiceps
      Golden-fronted Greenlet, Hylophilus aurantiifrons
      Lesser Greenlet, Hylophilus decurtatus
  • Genus Vireolanius, the shrike-vireos
    • Chestnut-sided Shrike-vireo, Vireolanius melitophrys
      Green Shrike-vireo, Vireolanius pulchellus
      Yellow-browed Shrike-vireo, Vireolanius eximius
      Slaty-capped Shrike-vireo, Vireolanius leucotis
  • Genus Cyclarhis, the peppershrikes
    • Rufous-browed Peppershrike, Cyclarhis gujanensis
      Black-billed Peppershrike Cyclarhis nigrirostris

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