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American Keuda

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The American Keuda (pronounced KEW-da) is a type of cat. The Keuda type is currently under development to become a standardized breed. The roots of the breed are from a 1980s study called the "Kitten Evaluation Under Direct Assessment" which was meant to determine the characteristics which led to superior barn cats in the Southwestern United States. Barn cats gathered from the study area (Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Texas) were bred with each other to develop the breed.

The American Keuda has some pronounced similarities with the Egyptian Mau breed. It is an open and controversial question whether this reflects an Egyptian Mau contribution to their gene pool or whether cats with Mau-like traits are superior barn cats. In the latter case, these traits would be reinforced over time and would not necessarily require a Mau contribution to the gene pool. Since the Egyptian Mau itself was redomesticated from feral Egyptian cat populations in the mid-1950s, it may represent a superior feral cat type, closely reproduced in the deserts of the American Southwest in the Keuda, but with no direct genetic connection to that breed.

American Keuda cats share many physical similarities with the Mau, including body type and a belly flap, not seen in other breeds. Since the belly flap adaptation allows extra extension when running, and thus more speed, this would be a successful adaptation for any cat that needed speed, like a barn cat. Keudas also share a high level of intelligence and athleticism with the Mau, as well as speed and a love for warm conditions. One marked difference between the Keuda and the Mau is the wide diversity of appearance the Keuda displays. While some Keudas look strikingly like Maus, they may also look like a Siamese, Havana Brown, cats of other breeds or mixed breed cats. Keuda cats display a much wider variety of coat colors and patterns than do Maus.

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