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Front view of a Himalayan cat Front view of a Himalayan cat

Side view of a Himalayan cat Side view of a Himalayan cat

The Himalayan, also called colourpoint persian, is a breed of cat with extremely long, fluffy fur, and the blue eyes and the points of a Siamese. Himalayan is the American term, while in Europe they are reffered to as colourpoint persians.

They were bred from Siamese (for the markings) and Persians (for coat-length and temperament), and share characteristics of both breeds. Himalayans are now considered the same breed for cat registries (CFA), (TICA) as the modern Persian show cat since they have the exact same conformation with a pointed coat.

The body of a Himalyan is white, but the points come in many different colours: blue, brown, lilac, chocolate, red and creme. The points can also be tabby or tortie patterned.

These cats are sweet-tempered, intelligent, social and good companions. Because of their heritage from the Siamese cats they tend to be more active than an ordinary Persians. Their coat needs daily attention and grooming, because, like many longhaired cats, they have an abundance of fur.


The Himalayan cat has become well-known in recent years with the movies Meet The Parents (2000) and Meet The Fockers (2004). The cat seen in the two movies was named Mr. Jinx. In the movies Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey (1993) and Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco (1996), one of the main characters is a Himalayan cat named Sassy (voiced by Sally Field).

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