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List of Historical Cats

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This is a list of historical cats.

Cats famous in their own right

All Ball, the first cat of Koko the gorilla.
Andy, cat owned by Florida Senator Ken Meyer that has the cat record for non-fatal fall. Andy fell 200 feet and survived.
Blackie, a cat that inherited 15 million British Pounds and thus became the richest cat in history.
CopyCat (CC), the first cloned cat.
Emily American cat who, after being lost, was found to have gone to France[1]
Faith, London cat that took up residence in St Faith & St Augustine's church (by St Paul's cathedral) in wartime, and received a PDSA Silver Medal for her bravery in caring for her kitten when the church was bombed.
F. D. C. Willard (Felis Domesticus Chester Willard). Named for his sire (Willard of Aspen, Colorado), Chester acquired a resume of two research papers in low temperature physics after entering this unlikely field in collaboration with his keeper, J. H. Hetherington of the Michigan State University. Belatedly learning of a style rule for Phys. Rev. Lett. prohibiting the use of the authorial pronoun we in single-author papers, Hetherington solved the problem this presented to him by appending the name of his cat on the title page of a draft paper rather than by rewriting the body of the text. The dearth of word processing facilities in the mid-1970s made this a cost effective response.
Hamlet, Considered by Guinness to be "the world's most travelled cat." He flew approximately 600,000 kilometers because he managed to get stuck in a Canadian airplane for seven weeks.
Henrietta, the now-deceased cat of New York Times foreign correspondent Christopher S. Wren, made famous by the book The Cat Who Covered the World (ISBN 0-684-87100-9 in one printing).
Hodge, one of Samuel Johnson's cats, famously recorded in James Boswell's Life of Johnson, as shedding light on his owner's character.
Humphrey, a cat who took up residence at 10 Downing Street in during John Major's tenure as Prime Minister, and was banished when Tony Blair came to power - named for the character of "Sir Humphrey Appleby" in Yes, Minister.
Little Nicky, first cloned animal for commercial reasons.
Morris the Cat, one of Burt Reynolds most beloved movie Co-stars, this finicky Commercial Mascot charmed his way into America's hearts with his calm demeanor and orange-striped style
Simon, celebrated ship's cat of HMS 'Amethyst', the only cat to have won the PDSA's Dickin Medal, for his rat-catching and morale-boosting activities during the Yangtse Incident in 1949.
Sir Isaac Newton's cat, whose incessant desire to be let in or out allegedly drove him to devise the cat flap.
A cat who wandered on stage during the premiere of Rossini's The Barber of Seville, sending the audience into gales of laughter.
Pangur Ban, the cat who inspired an otherwise unknown 8th (or 9th) century Irish monk to write a poem cataloguing their similarities.
Red, a cat who recently became a millionaire.
Tibbles,singlehandedly wiped out the Stephens Island Wren.
Trim, is said to have been the first cat to circumnavigate the world. Belonged to Matthew Flinders.

Pets of famous people

Famous pets of Presidents and their families

Blackie or Blacky, belonging to Calvin Coolidge.
Cleo, Tortoiseshell stray belonging to Ronald Reagan.
India "Willie" Bush, US President George W. Bush's cat, named for Rubén Sierra "El Indio".
Misty Malarky Ying Yang, Siamese belonging to Amy Carter and former pet of former U.S. President Jimmy Carter.
Sara, Tortoiseshell stray belonging to Ronald Reagan.
Siam, Siamese belonging to Rutherford B. Hayes. A gift from the American Consul in Bangkok; Siam was the first Siamese cat to reach the United States (1878).
Slippers, gray polydactyl tabby belonging to Theodore Roosevelt.
Socks, stray cat adopted by the family of President Bill Clinton, named by his daughter Chelsea.
Tabby, belonging to Thomas "Tad" Lincoln, Abraham Lincoln's son. Tabby was the first White House cat.
Tom Kitten, belonging to Caroline Kennedy; when he died in 1962, the press gave him an obituary notice.
Tom Quartz, belonging to Theodore Roosevelt; named after the cat in Roughing It by Mark Twain.
Tiger, gray striped stray belonging to Calvin Coolidge, who used to walk around the White House with the cat draped around his neck; when he got lost, Coolidge went on the radio to appeal for help finding him.
Timmy, belonging to Calvin Coolidge; would allow Coolidge's canary to sleep between his paws.

Famous pets of other famous people

Abby, belonging to Polly Bergen.
Agrippina, Banquo, Banshee, Carl, and Nero belonging to Agnes Repplier.
Ahmedabad, belonging to John Kenneth Galbraith. Its nickname "Ahmed" offended Islamic officials while Galbraith was U.S. ambassador to India, so he changed its name to Gujarat.
Ajax, Banjo, Goody Two Eyes, and Madame Ref belonging to Ella Wheeler Wilcox.
Alice, belonging to Martin Mull.
Allen, belonging to Jean Michel Jarre.
Amberson/Ambrosia, belonging to George Booth. Booth originally called it "Ambrosia," until he found it was a boy then called it "Amberson."
Andy, belonging to Sen. Kenneth Myer (FL). Record-holder for longest non-lethal fall: 16 stories.
Apollinaris', Beelzebub, Blatherskite, Buffalo Bill, Sin, Sour Mash, Tammany, Zoroaster, etc belonging to Mark Twain.
Ariel, orange Persian belonging to Carl Van Vechten. Discussed in The Tiger in the House.
Ashley, belonging to Vanna White.
Asole, Carream(white cat), and El c. belonging to Joan van Ark.
Atossa, three-legged cat belonging to Matthew Arnold. Featured in his poem Matthias about the poet's canary. Other cats of his include Blacky


Beethoven Mozart, Verdi, and Vivaldi belonging to Martha Stewart.
Beppo, belonging to Jorge Luis Borges.
Beppo, belonging to Lord Byron. One of five cats who traveled with him.
Big Red, belonging to Ann-Margret.
Billy, belonging to Dedee Pfeiffer
Bimbo, white long-haired cat belonging to Paul Klee, depicted in Marina Algerghini's Il Gatto Cosmico di Paul Klee, 1993.
Bing Clawsby, belonging to Michael Feinstein.
Bismarck, large Persian belonging to Florence Nightingale.
Bob, belonging to Betty White.
Boche, belonging to Anne Frank. An aggressive warehouse cat who was occupying the attic when the Franks arrived; derogatory slang for "German."
Bona Marietta, belonging to Robert Southey.
Boy, Sealpoint Siamese belonging to Vivien Leigh.
Bunny Kitty, calico belonging to Enrico Colantoni.


Cake, belonging to Warren Beatty.
Calvin, Maltese stray belonging to Harriet Beecher Stowe; sat on her shoulders while she wrote.
Caruso, belonging to Roberta Flack.
Cat, first of three owned by Winston Churchill. Others were; Nelson a black cat that sat in a chair next to Churchill in both the Cabinet & dining rooms(named after Lord Nelson but wasn't nearly as brave and afterwards Jock. Jock was a ginger kitten, Churchill called this cat his special assistant and mentioned Jock in his will. Blackie, Bob(black & white cat), Margate(black stray) and Mr. Cat also were his or his family's.
Catarina, belonging to Edgar Allen Poe. Poe took her everywhere, and she frequently sat on his shoulder as he wrote; she inspired The Black Cat.
Chanoine Anogora belonging to Victor Hugo; originally called Gavroche, renamed because it was so indolent.
Charles, belonging to Michael Joseph.
Charmain, belonging to Cleopatra.
Charo, belonging to Yoko Ono.
Childebrand, black & tan striped cat belonging to Théophile Gautier; mentioned in La Ménagerie Intime.
Chilla and Chin; Two Ukrianian gray cats belonging to Paul Gallico.
Chloe, Tabby belonging to Sally Gunnell.
Chopin, belonging to F. Scott Fitzgerald.
Cleopatra, belonging to Beryl Reid.
Cléopatre, belonging to Théophile Gautier; liked to stand on 3 legs; mentioned in La Ménagerie Intime.
Cobby, Blue Persian belonging to Thomas Hardy; given to Hardy late in life, he vanished when Hardy died in 1928.
Cody, belonging to Henri Sauguet; became ecstatic when it heard Debussy being played on the piano.
Columbine, belonging to Thomas Carlyle.
Cookie, a stray belonging to Sir Angus Wilson; the last of many pet cats in the author's life.
Crushinto, or Crushy, Orange rescuee belonging to Evan Dorkin & Sarah Dyer.


Dancer, belonging to Walter Cronkite.
Del Boy, belonging to Frank Bruno.
Delilah, one of a number of cats belonging to the late Queen frontman Freddie Mercury; Mercury paid tribute to him on the Queen album, "Innuendo".
Demi, clack cat belonging to Sally Gunnell.
Dinah, the actual cat of Alice Liddell.
Dimly, belonging to Beryl Reid; one of many.
Disraeli, large Persian belonging to Florence Nightingale.
Dlinyenki, tabby, probably female, belonging to Alexander Borodin; roughly translates as "longy" from Russian.
Dolly, belonging to Tallulah Bankhead.
Don Pierrot de Navarre, white cat belonging to Théophile Gautier; liked to steal his pen, fathered three black kittens, mentioned in La Ménagerie Intime.
Dweezil, belonging to Robert Wagner; gift from Dweezil Zappa (see Moon below).


Elvis, belonging to John Lennon.
Enjoras, black kitten belonging to Théophile Gautier; born to white parents Don Pierrot & Séraphita; named for character in Les Miserables; mentioned in La Ménagerie Intime.
Eponine, black fur, green eyed cat belonging to Théophile Gautier; daughter of Don Pierrot & Séraphita; named for character in Les Miserables; mentioned in La Ménagerie Intime.


F. Puss (a.k.a. "Mr. Feather Puss"), Yellow-eyed cat belonging to Ernest Hemingway; so trusted that the Hemingways allowed him to babysit their infant. He had 30 cats in all. Among the others are Boise, Crazy Christian, Dillinger, Ecstasy,Fats,Friendless Brother, Furhouse, etc.
Fatima, belonging to Horace Walpole.
Feathers, Persian kitten belonging to Carl Van Vechten; inspiration for The Tiger in the House.
Félimare, striped like a tiger, belonging to Cardinal Richelieu; one of many cats Richelieu had when he died.
Fellini, Maine coon belonging to Gene Shalit; rescued from a shelter in Pittsfield, MA.
Flower-Face, Siamese belonging to James Mason; talked about in Mason's The Cats in our Lives 1949.
Folly, belonging to James & Pamela Mason.
Foss, belonging to Edward Lear; subject of many drawings, some published in The Heraldic Blazon of Foss the Cat; inspired The Owl & the Pussycat; Lear buried Foss in his garden and died himself only two months later.
Foxie, belonging to Brian Aldiss.
Fred, belonging to R. Crumb; inspiration for the infamous Fritz.
Fritzi, mackerel tabby belonging to Paul Klee; depicted in Marina Algerghini's Il Gatto Cosmico di Paul Klee, 1993.
Fuckchop, belonging to Trent Reznor.


Gavroche, black kitten belonging to Théophile Gautier; parents Don Pierrot & Séraphita; named for character in Les Miserables; mentioned in La Ménagerie Intime.
Gavroche, Angora belonging to Victor Hugo; later renamed Chanoine ("the canon") because it was so indolent.
Gazette, belonging to Cardinal Richelieu. Described as "indiscreet;" one of many cats Richelieu had when he died.
General Butchkin, belonging to Iris Murdoch.
George Pushdragon, belonging to T.S. Eliot.
Giorgio, belonging to Peggy Guggenheim.
Gladstone, large Persian belonging to Florence Nightingale.
Grimalkin, the American painter Benjamin West's cat.
Gris-Gris, belonging to Charles de Gaulle. Gris is French for "gray"
Guillaume-en-Egypte, belonging to Chris Marker; also blog correspondent for "Un Regard Moderne".
Gypsy, belonging to Peggy Guggenheim.


Hamilcar, belonging to Anatole France.
Harold, belonging to Horace Walpole.
Hester, belonging to Andy Warhol.
Hinse, tomcat belonging to Sir Walter Scott; tormented Scott's dogs until a bloodhound named Nimrod killed him in 1826.
Hodge, the cat belonging to Dr Samuel Johnson. Johnson would go to town himself to buy oysters for Hodge.
Hurlyburlybuss, belonging to Robert Southey.


Jackson, belonging to Brian Aldiss.
James Taylor, (see Tata).
Jeepers Creepers, belonging to Elizabeth Taylor.
Jellylorum was T. S. Eliot's own cat, immortalized in Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats, the basis for the musical Cats.
Jenny, belonging to Beryl Reid; one of many.
Jeoffry was Christopher Smart's cat, who is praised in his owner's poem Jubilate Agno (A Poem from Bedlam) (Jeoffry was Smart's only companion during the several years he languished in solitary confinement in Bedlam).


Karoun, belonging to Jean Cocteau. Drôle de Ménage was dedicated to him.
Kashka, belonging to Deirdre Hall.
Kiki-la-Doucette, belonging to Colette. Doucette is French for "gentle one."
Khouli-Khan, the cat of Thomas Anson is memorialized by the neoclassical "Cat's Monument" in the park at Shugborough Hall, Staffordshire, unless the cat in question is the first cat to circumnavigate the globe in the company of Admiral George Anson on HMS Centurion
Staffordshire Past track website


La Chatte belonging to the writer Colette. The cat's name means The (female) cat in French and the name of her cat La Chatte Dernière means the last (female) cat in the same language. Other cats of hers include Kapok, Kro, La Touteu, Mini-mini, Minionne, Muscat, One and Only, Toune, Zwerg, and others.
Lady Arabella, belonging to John Spencer Churchill. When Princess arrived, Arabella was elevated to the rank of "Duchess of Catalunya and Countess of Barcelona."
Langbourne, belonging to Jeremy Bentham; over time, Langourne's name became The Reverend Sir John Langbourne, D.D. (Doctor of Divinity).
Le Docteur, belonging to Alexandre Dumas.
Leo, belonging to Ruskin Spear.
Lilly, white kitling belonging to Samuel Johnson
Lipstick, the second cat of Koko the gorilla.
Little Teddy, rescued stray belonging to Enrico Colantoni.
Lord Nelson, belonging to Robert Southey; over the years, Nelson went through the ranks of Lord, Baron, Viscount, & Earl for "services performed against the Rats."
Louisa, belonging to William Makepeace Thackeray.
Lucifer, jet black cat belonging to Cardinal Richelieu; one of many cats Richelieu had when he died.
Luck, attributed name of King Charles I's black cat.
Ludovic le Cruel, belonging to Cardinal Richelieu. Savage rat-killer; one of many cats Richelieu had when he died.
Ludoviska, belonging to Cardinal Richelieu. Polish cat; one of many pets Richelieu had when he died.
Lulu, belonging to Beryl Reid; one of many.


Macramé, belonging to Brian Aldiss.
Madame Théophile, red & white cat belonging to Théophile Gautier; liked to steal food from author Gautier's fork; mentioned in La Ménagerie Intime.
Madame Vanity, belonging to Michel de Montaigne.
Magritte, belonging to Gloria Steinem.
Manny, belonging to Ruskin Spear.
Marcel, belonging to Jeanne Becker.
Marcus, Siamese belonging to James Dean; gift from Elizabeth Taylor.
Marilyn Miste, belonging to Whitney Houston.
Marmoutte Blanche, Black & white angora belonging to Pierre Loti; featured in Lives of Two Cats.
Marmoutte Chinoise, belonging to Pierre Loti; stowaway kitten from China featured in Lives of Two Cats.
Master's Cat, The, belonging to Charles Dickens. The only of Williamina's kittens Dickens kept; she would snuff his reading candle to get attention.
Maurice, belonging to Jean-Claude Suarès. Named for artist Suarès' wife's lover, who was "not allowed on the bed either."
Meatball, belonging to Jane Pauley.
Micette or Micetto, grayish-red cat with black stripes (tabby) belonging to Pope Leo XII; born in the Vatican, lived among the Pope's robes.
Mimi, belonging to Rosa Luxemburg.
Mimi-Paillon, Angora belonging to Cardinal Richelieu; one of many cats Richelieu had when he died in 1642.
Mimsy, belonging to Evan Dorkin & Sarah Dyer; formerly feral rescuee.
Minna Minna Mowbray, belonging to Michael Joseph; an entire chapter is dedicated to her in Cat's Company 1946.
Minou, belonging to George Sand; Sand ate her breakfast from the same bowl as her cat.
Mirza Murad Alibeg, belonging to T.S. Eliot. More often called "The Musical Box" or "Cockalorum" because its given name was too long for the size of the apartment.
Misha, belonging to Yoko Ono.
Mitsou, white Perisan belonging to Marilyn Monroe.
Moon, belonging to Robert Wagner; gift from Moon Unit Zappa (see Dweezil above).
Moortje, belonging to Anne Frank; left with neighbors when her family fled to the attic.
Mouche, belonging to Victor Hugo; French for "fly" (as in the insect).
Mounard le Fougueux, belonging to Cardinal Richelieu Described as "quarrelsome, capricious, & worldly;" one of many cats Richelieu had when he died in 1642.
Mouschi, belonging to Anne Frank. The warehouse and office cat that came to live with the Franks in the attic; the pet of some family friends.
Mousetrap, belonging to Van Heflin.
Mr. Cat, belonging to Phyllis Diller.
Mr. Jinx or Jinxie, belonging to Evan Dorkin & Sarah Dyer.
Mr. Peter Wells, belonging to H.G. Wells.
Muezza, belonging to Mohammed. It is said that once when Mohammed was called to prayer, he cut off the sleeve of his robe rather than disturb his sleeping pet, who was nestled upon it.
Murphy, belonging to Bernadette Peters.
Myobu No Omoto, belonging to Emperor Ichijo of Japan; "Omoto, Lady-in-Waiting" ; Ichijo once imprisoned the owner of a dog that chased his pet.
Mys, dark long-haired cat belonging to Paul Klee; depicted in Marina Algerghini's Il Gatto Cosmico di Paul Klee, 1993.
Mysouff, belonging to Alexandre Dumas. There was a Mysouff I & Mysouff II - Mysouff II was black & white and Dumas' favorite, even though it once ate all his exotic birds.


Nichols, belonging to Vivien Leigh.
Nemo, Seal point Siamese belonging to PM Harold Wilson (UK); used to accompany the Wilsons on holiday.
New, belonging to Vivien Leigh; named after "New Theater."
Nickie, belonging to Brian Aldiss.
Nigger Man, belonging to H. P. Lovecraft as a boy. Also a cat in his story "The Rats in the Walls."
Nightlife, belonging to Charles Mingus.
Noilly Prat, belonging to T.S. Eliot.
Norton, Scottish fold tabby belonging to Peter Gethers; fictionalized in novels The Cat Who Went to Paris & A Cat Abroad.
Nuggi, long-haired cat belonging to Paul Klee; depicted in Marina Algerghini's Il Gatto Cosmico di Paul Klee, 1993.
Numbers One thru Eight, Siamese cats belonging to Beverley Nichols; owned 7 cats all given numbers as names; "Six" was not used, Eight's original name was "Oscar."


Old Foss (see Foss).
Oliver, tabby belonging to Thomas Huxley.
Onyx, belonging to Arthel Neville.
Oscar, belonging to Beverley Nichols.


Pascal, belonging to Anatole France.
Patapan, belonging to Horace Walpole.
Patrocle, belonging to Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres.
Patsy was Charles Lindbergh's cat and often went flying with him (but not on his famous flight of 1930)
Pattipaws or Pettipaws, belonging to T.S. Eliot.
Perruque, belonging to Cardinal Richelieu.As a kitten, she fell at Richelieu's feet from the wig ("perruque") of an academic named Racan.
Persian Snow, belonging to Erasmus Darwin.
Pippo, belonging to Compton MacKenzie; one of many pet cats.
Pixel or Pixie, belonging to Evan Dorkin & Sarah Dyer.
Polar Bear, the white cat adopted by writer and animal activist Cleveland Amory, and featured in The Cat Who Came for Christmas, The Cat and the Curmudgeon and The Best Cat Ever
Pony Boy, Abyssinian belonging to Richard Patrick.
Poo Jones, belonging to Vivien Leigh.
Popcorn, belonging to Edward Djerejian
Poppet, belonging to Joe Namath.
Poppy, tabby & white belonging to Sally Gunnell.
Princess Sophie Louise of Sweden, long-haired tabby belonging to John Spencer Churchill.
Procope, belonging to Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres.
Prudence, blue Persian belonging to Prime Minister Georges Clemenceau of France.
Pudlenka, belonging to Karel Capek. She had three cats named Pudlenka; Pudlenka 1 appeared on Capek's doorstep the day his tomcat died, had 26 kittens in her lifetime; Pudlenka 2 had 21.
Pulcinella, belonging to Domenico Scarlatti; inspired The Cat's Fugue as she liked to walk up & down his keyboards.
Punky, belonging to Doris Day; one of 10+ Day rescued
Purdoe, belonging to Samuel Butler.
Pyewacket, belonging to Kim Novak; starred with Novak in Bell Book and Candle.
Pyrame, belonging to Cardinal Richelieu. He & Thisbe were named after the mythological lovers because they slept together with paws intertwined.


Racan, belonging to Cardinal Richelieu. Named for the academic out of whose wig he fell, as a kitten, at Richelieu's feet.
Reverend Wenceslas Muff, The, black tomcat belonging to Sir Roy Strong.
Rhett Butler, belonging to Vanna White.
Rita, black cat belonging to Julia Sweeney.
Romeo, belonging to Peggy Guggenheim.
Rubis sur l'Ongle, belonging to Cardinal Richelieu. Especially fond of milk; one of many cats Richelieu had when he died in 1642.
Rumpel, belonging to Robert Southey. Full title was The Most Noble the Archduke Rumpelstizchen, marquis Macbum, Earle Tomemange, Baron Raticide, Waowler, and Skaratchi. Other cats of his include Madame Bianchi, Madame Catalini, Othello, Ovid, Pulcheria, Sir Thomas Dido, and The Zombie.
Rupi, belonging to Jethro Tull leader Ian Anderson; inspired title song of his 2004 solo album Rupi's Dance.
Rybolov, tabby belonging to Alexander Borodin; Russian for "fisherman."


Sadie, Siamese belonging to James Mason; talked about in Mason's The Cats in our Lives (1949).
Sam, belonging to Andy Warhol.
Samantha, belonging to Helen Gurley Brown.
Samson, Siamese belonging to Frank Bruno.
Sans Lendemain, belonging to Peggy Guggenheim; translates literally as "without (the) day after."
Sara, belonging to Regis Philbin.
Sarah Snow, white long-haired, green eyed cat belonging to Kingsley Amis.
Sascha, belonging to Regis Philbin.
Sascha, belonging to Yoko Ono.
Scratchaway, belonging to Thomas Hood.
Selima, Tortoiseshell tabby belonging to Horace Walpole; drowned in a goldfish bowl, inspiring Thomas Gray's poem Ode on the Death of a Favourite Cat Drowned in a Tub of Goldfishes (1748).
Señor, blind cat belonging to Stefanie Powers.
Séraphita, white cat belonging to Théophile Gautier; mentioned in La Ménagerie Intime.
Serpolet, belonging to Cardinal Richelieu; fond of sunning himself in the window; one of many cats Richelieu had when he died in 1642.
Shan, Siamese belonging to Susan Ford, Gerald Ford's daughter.
She, belonging to Linda Evans.
Sheba, belonging to Sally Jessy Raphaël.
Sheba, belonging to Vivica A. Fox.
Sheena, belonging to O.J. Simpson.
Shuang-mei, belonging to Emperor Chu Hou-Tsung (China); her name meant "Frost-eyebrows."
Silkhat, belonging to Van Heflin.
Simpkin, belonging to Cecil Day-Lewis.
Sizi, belonging to Albert Schweitzer. Lived with Schweitzer at his clinic in Africa; though left-handed, he would write prescriptions with his right had when she was sleeping on his left arm.
Smokey, the third cat of Koko the gorilla.
Smudge the Glasgow People's Palace cat.
Snookie, belonging to Vivica A. Fox.
Soda Pop, Abyssinian belonging to Richard Patrick.
Soumise, belonging to Cardinal Richelieu. Richelieu's favorite; one of many cats he had when he died.
Sweetface, belonging to Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth.
Sweet Pea, belonging to Jann Arden.
Sylvia, belonging to Compton MacKenzie; one of many pet cats


T.K., belonging to Betty White.
Tabitha Longclaws Tiddleywink, belonging to Thomas Hood; scratchaway's mother.
Taffy, belonging to Christopher Morley. Theiving cat commemorated in Morley's 1929 poem In Honor of Taffy Topaz.
Taki, black, female Persian belonging to Raymond Chandler; his "feline secretary" to whom he always read the first drafts of his murder mysteries.
Tantomile, belonging to T.S. Eliot.
Tata, belonging to George Booth. Originally named "James Taylor," until Booth found it was a girl.
Teeny, belonging to Martha Stewart.
Thisbe, belonging to Cardinal Richelieu. She & Pyrame were named after the mythological lovers because they slept together with paws intertwined.
Thruster, belonging to Ernest Hemingway; one of 30 of his pet cats.
Tiger, belonging to Charlotte & Emily Brontë. Played at Emily's feet while she wrote ..Wuthering Heights.
Tiger, belonging to Aaron Neville.
Tigerlily, belonging to Molly Ringwald.
Tigger, belonging to Vivica A. Fox.
Timothy, white cat belonging to Dorothy L. Sayers; mentioned in two poems: For Timothy and War Cat.
Toby, belonging to Dedee Pfeiffer.
Tom, Jr., belonging to Harriet Elizabeth Beecher Stowe.
Tommy, belonging to Alexander Borodin.
Tommy, belonging to Anne Frank. An attic cat who was occupying the attic when Frank and her family arrived; he always won the fights Boche picked with him.
Tootoose, belonging to Compton MacKenzie; one of many pet cats.
Topaz, belonging to Tennessee Williams.
Trixie, belonging to Ruskin Spear.
Trixie, belonging to the 3rd Earl of Southampton. After the Earl was put in the tower of London, Trixie allegedly found him and stayed with him there for the next two years.
Tuffy, belonging to Ann-Margret.
Turkey, belonging to Janet Leigh.


Vashka, belonging to Czar Nicholas I.
Virgil, belonging to Robert Southey.


Weasel, belonging to Cyndi Lauper.
White Heather, black & white Persian belonging to Queen Victoria in her old age; upon her death became the pet of Edward VII.
Whitey, belonging to James & Pamela Mason.
William/Williamina, belonging to Charles Dickens; was "William" until she had kittens which she insisted on moving into Dickens' study.
Willie, belonging to George Burns. Why was he so named?; explained Mr. Burns, "When you told the cat what to do, it was always a question of will he or won't he!!"
Windy, belonging to Guy Gibson; as a WWI dambuster, Gibson took Windy on many of his wartime missions.
Wiscus, belonging to T.S. Eliot.
Woody, belonging to Jean Michel Jarre.


Yum-Yum, belonging to Brian Aldiss


Zara, belonging to Horace Walpole.
Zero, belonging to Billie Joe Armstrong.
Zizi, Angora belonging to Théophile Gautier; who liked to walk up and down the piano keys; mentioned in La Ménagerie Intime.
Zoë, black and white female cat belonging to Gabriele Rossetti.


Marie Antoinette had 6 Angoras that survived her and were shipped to America on the boat that was supposed to carry her to safety.
Fred Astaire's black cat.
Tallulah Bankhead's lion cub.
Kim Basinger demanded custody of her cats in her divorce.
Charles I's lucky black cat that died the day before the King was arrested. See 'Luck' below.
Robert de Niro has had several cats.
King Edward VII's several manx cats.
Teri Garr's orange tabby.
Laura Gilbert's orange tabby.
Melanie Griffith's tabby and white cat.
Charles Laughton kept strays.
Robert E. Lee had several cats the he referred to often in letters to his family.
Lenin's cat.
Louis XV's white cat who came to his bedroom every morning and was allowed to play on the table at Royal Councils.
Henri Matisse's black cat.
Freddie Mercury owned many cats throughout his life. His solo album Mr Bad Guy is dedicated to cat-lovers all over the world.
Muhammad was saved from an attack of a poisonious snake by a cat.
After this mystery Persian's death, it was stuffed & kept by Mussolini's daughter.
Max Ophüls' white Persian.
Petrarch had his pet embalmed in the 14th century.
Pablo Picasso's Siamese.
Maurice Ravel's 30-40 pets.
Edward G. Robinson's Siamese.
Saint Gregory the Great He greatly enjoyed holding his cat in his arms while he prayed.
Stalin's cat.
Elizabeth Taylor has had several cats.
James McNeill Whistler's brown, gold and white mother cat and her kittens.
Cardinal Thomas Wolsey's large tabby cat.
Franco Zeffirelli's Persian.

Wild cats

Ba-tou, African Wildcat belonging to Colette; mentioned in La Maison de Claudine.
Elsa the lioness described in Born Free by Joy Adamson.
Italia, Benito Mussolini's pet lioness.
Kamuniak, Kenyan lioness who adopts oryx calves.
Panar Leopard, The, He killed 400 people before he was shot by famed hunter, Jim Corbett.
Slats, first lion to play Leo the MGM Pictures trademark/mascot.
Smokey/Smoky, bobcat belonging to Calvin Coolidge; trapped wild in Tennessee and given to him as a gift.
Thak Tigress, The, killed by famed hunter Jim Corbett.

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