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Serengeti Cat

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Young Serengeti Cats

The Serengeti cat is a cross between the Bengal cat & an Oriental cat which until the breed is more established would most likely be a Siamese.

The breed is still in the development stages, but the ultimate aim is to produce a cat that looks similar to a Serval, without using any recent wild cat blood. (Hybrids of domestic cats and the Leopard Cat form the foundation of the Bengal breed.)

Serengeti cats are spotted cats, with long legs & very large ears. Males are generally slightly larger & heavier than females & can weigh up to 15lbs; females generally weigh between 8 & 12lbs.

They are recognised by TICA (The International Cat Association) in tabby, ebony silver, ebony smoke & solid black. A group of breeders in the UK are currently working towards getting TICA to also recognise the snow spotted (aka lynx-point) variety.

The tabby is known as the brown spotted in the UK - however spots can be black or dark brown on a tan, light beige or gold background. The silver has black spots on a silver background. Ghost spotting can sometimes be seen on the solid black version.

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