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From a present to a passion

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by: Jeanene
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Date: Mon, 16 Feb 2009 Time: 1:59 PM

Hallo, I am Jeanene, 15 years old and living in the Netherlands.

You will not believe what a profound affect a simple idea my mother had has had on me.

Granted I love all animals, but being able to work with birds of prey just about did it for me. I do not want to repeat myself here, and also believ that a picture says more than a thousand words, so if you like birds of prey, form the very small and cute, to the big strong and scary, have a look at

I am really glad to see that so many other people around the world care for animals, this site's initiative to bring people who love animal together and share information is just magic. And a big thanks to all of you who care for the animals.

About the Author

Jeanene Steeman, 15 years old. I live in Eindhoven the Netherlands.

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