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I miss you

by: caroline6lamb
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Well I think its important to start off by saying Im 16, and Im adopted. I've always been a big animal lover, and when I was about 4 my father got me a husky for Christmas.
She was gray and black, and had these amazing blue and brown eyes.
We named her Holly.
Growing up I had been somewhat of a tomboy, always playing outside with my two brothers and I had always thought I'd always have happiness as long as I had mud to play in and my husky (I never used her name, only when she was in trouble).
Well last October, I was getting ready for school and I was hurrying to bring Holly out before I left. She hadnt been eating too much lately but that morning, she couldnt support herself standing up.
I told my mom and she told me to go to class and she would call me after she brought her to the vet.
10th period I got a call from my mom telling me that Holly wasnt doing so well and was hooked up to an IV and being looked after.
I cried but finished last period.
I cant explain why but I had a lot of things to do after school and instead of going right after to school to see her I put it off and waited.
6:30 seemed to come quickly, and I thought I better go see her before it gets too late.
I wasnt thinking about anything, and to be honest I was surprised I wasnt crying...this is the dog I had for the most part grown up with.
We pulled in to the parking lot and walked in, and were directed to the rooms in the back of the building.
It was dark back there, and she was the only one back there.
I remember looking around and seeing her laying in the cage. I opened up the cage so I could get closer to her. Her eyes were green and had a film covering them.
She tried getting up for me, but fell down.
My brother and I were both crying at that was so hard to see him cry and to see her lay there lifeless.
She had liver cancer and I blame myself for not noticing something sooner. I was 15 and caught up in things I thought were important.
I wasnt there the one time she needed me the most, I never got to return the favor for all thosee years she was there for me.
She died late that night.
5 days later I celebrated my birthday..and all I could think about was her.

If I could see her again I would tell her how much I love her and I think about her everyday.
I would tell her how much shes effected my life, and everytime I look at something beautiful she comes to mind.
Holly, I love you and you are my bestfriend.
Be a good girl.

About the Author

My name is Caroline, and as much as I wouldve loved to have this article be happy, in a sense it is. Because although shes gone, I will always remember her.

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