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Contemporary picture of Bull-baiting Contemporary picture of Bull-baiting

Bait noun or Baiting verb is the act to worry or torment a chained or confined animal by setting dogs upon it for sport. The dogs attack with endeavour, bite and tear, with an objective to subdue the opposing animal by incapacitating or killing it. Baiting is a blood sport utilized for entertainment and gambling. It is illegal in most countries with laws being enforced with varying degrees of enthusiasm.


Baiting events recorded thoughout history are by no means isolated incidents. For instance, during the middle ages, England was completely addicted to the bait as a pastime using a wide range of animals, including, but not limited too: Donkeys, Horses, Leopards, Lions, Monkeys, Panthers, Polar bears and Tigers, no animal was overlooked.

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  • Blood sport (hunting)

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