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Bull and Terrier

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Bull and Terrier
Bull and Terrier
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Progenitor to the Bull Terrier and Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Bull and Terrier is a breed of dog.


The Bull and Terrier is a cross between the Old English Bulldog and the Old English Terrier. The anatomy of the Bull and Terrier is the result of selective breeding for the purpose of dog fighting and baiting.

Dog fighting

The Old English Bulldog was bred for bull-baiting. Its life depended on "Go Low, Pin and Hold". Such a breed was unsuitable for fighting other dogs in the pit. Once an Old English Bulldog got a good grip, there would be little left for the spectators to see, except for two dogs gripping each other, closing their jaws tighter and tighter.

Required were quick attacks, new grips, and tricks, which made up the drama of a dog fight that appealed to spectators, gamblers, and dog owners. The introduction of English Terrier blood provided longer legs, fiery temperament, and speed, which provided entertaining fights.

The crossing of bulldog and terrier produced a dog that no longer belonged to either foundation breed. The new breed was called the Bull and Terrier. With attributes such as ferociousness, aggressiveness, and intelligence, there were few fighting tasks it could not perform better than other breeds of those times.


In 1835, with the banning of baiting the breed was placed in jeopardy of extinction; however, while bull-baiting and bear-baiting laws were enforced, dog fighting flourished, so the Bull and Terrier lived on. Around 1860, the Bull and Terrier breed split into two branches, the pure white Bull Terrier and the coloured forms that lived on for another seventy years in the dog pit until they finally were recognized as a legitimate dog breed called the Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

Famous Bull and Terriers


Billy Billy

A celebrated Bull and Terrier named "Billy", weighing approximately 26 pounds, had a proud rat-baiting career crowned on April 22, 1823, when a world record was set with a hundred rats killed in five-and-a-half minutes.


Dustman Dustman

In 1812, Sporting Magazine described "Dustman" as a very famous and talented fighting dog, which represented the optimal Bull and Terrier type.


Trusty Trusty

According to accounts in the Sporting Magazine from the year 1804, a Bull and Terrier named "Trusty" was just as famous throughout England as the Emperor Napoleon. Trusty went undefeated in one hundred and four dog fights.


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