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Conformation Point

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In dog breeding and showing, a conformation point is any one out of a long list of dog attributes known as the breed standard. This is a set standard, usually written, which is used to judge a given dog against the hypothetical ideal specimen of that breed. Winners of Best of Breed titles compete against those of other breeds in all-breed competitions. An incorrect conformation point is known as a fault.

Common conformation points

  • Coat, includes colour, type, length, pattern and tactile quality
  • Quality, quantity and distribution of markings
  • Temperament (should be characteristic of breed) and general attitude
  • Head shape; colour of head
  • Bite (how the teeth meet when the jaws are closed)
  • Eye shape and colour
  • Shape, set and carriage of ears
  • Size of animal
  • Ratio of animalís height to its length
  • Skin health (and often pigmentation)
  • Gait (quality and style of stride and general movement)
  • Grooming, in breeds where that applies
  • Tail shape, set and carriage
  • Shape of feet

There are many other qualifiers, and many specifics within these. For example, in some breeds, skin must include an assessment of the quality of the wrinkles. In some breeds, an examination of the mouth includes measurement and judging of the flews, in most others, this does not apply.

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