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Dog-Show Judge

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A dog-show judge is a person that is qualified to judge dogs at a dog show. Depending upon the size of the show, there might be one judge for all breeds and classes. At larger dog shows, there might be as many as 10 judges working.

Usually a license as a Dog Judge is granted by either a Breed Association or a Kennel Club. The license might either show the range of breeds that he or she is able to judge, or otherwise any exclusions. Judges may study for a license to judge a dog group: (She is a terrier judge). A judge who has successfully completed the requirements for judging all of the dog groups is known as an all-breeds judge.

Travelling judges

Historically, the dog judges of the English-speaking world had 'circuits' if they travelled out of their own country. They would carry their license from their country of origin, and usually would be recognised overseas.

Famous judges

Some judges who are regulars at the larger English or American dog shows become well-known and gain respect from large audiences for their ability to recognise good examples of the breeds that they judge.

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