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Dog Licence

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The dog license tag might be one of several dog tags worn. The dog license tag might be one of several dog tags worn.

Dog licences (dog license in American English) are required in some jurisdictions to be the keeper of a dog. Usually a dog-license identifying number is issued to the owner, along with a dog tag bearing the identifier and a contact number for the registering organization. If a stray pet is found with the tag, a rescuer can call the registering organization to get current contact information for the dog's owner.

Licensing a dog might require additional actions on the owner's part, such as ensuring that the dog has a current rabies vaccination. Licenses typically must be renewed yearly or after some small number of years.

Licencing information worldwide

Great Britain
Dog licences used to exist, but were abolished in 1987. The final rate for a dog licence was 37.5p, which went to local authorities. A dog licence was mandatory to keep a dog, but was widely ignored, with only about half of owners having one.
Northern Ireland
Dog licences continue to exist, under the Dogs (Northern Ireland) Order 1983. A dog licence costs 5.00 / year, or 2.50 for pensioners.
Republic of Ireland
Dog licensing exists. Individual dog licences cost 12.70 / year, and general licences (allowing unlimited dogs) are 252.42.
United States
Most states, municipalities, or other jurisdictions require dog licenses along with rabies vaccination.
New Zealand
Isle of Man

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California also has some areas where cat licences are required. [1]


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