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Dog Racing

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Several dogs prior to a race Several dogs prior to a race

Dog racing is both a gambling event as well as a fund-raising event, depending on the breed and location. "Dog racing" usually refers to Greyhound racing, which is the largest and most widespread type of canine competition. In the United States, greyhound racing has been banned in all but a few states, where its popularity is in decline as the typical dog track attendees grow older. In states where greyhound races do occur, they are strictly regulated by the government because parimutuel gambling on the races is allowed.

Other breeds of dogs race; however, these breeds typically race as part of local kennel club events, and are not commercial ventures. Whippet races are fairly common in the United States, although the most popular dog racing events are those of Dachshunds. Surprisingly, dachshund racing is not without its controversy, and some animal rights activists, including the Dachshund Club of America, are trying to ban the events.

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